How to move lists vertically on the board?

ilanseeder August 11, 2018

Hello all,

I have a board with several lists, which I need to see all at once and move notes between them.

I seem to be able to only order the lists horizontally, and since there are more than 4 lists, they don't fit on the screen and have to scroll to see the remaining lists, while 75% of the board is empty.

Is there an option to move the lists freely on the canvas, vertically as well?

Is there a power-up that allows that?


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Marta Galofre de Alos
Atlassian Team
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August 12, 2018

Hi Ilan,

Currently, Trello does not support changing the list layout—however, we're aware of a Chrome extension that allows you to stack or grid lists. While we're not able to endorse any third-party apps (since we don't work with them directly), you can check them out at List Layouts for Trello.

In the meantime, I’ll pass your feedback on rearranging lists on to our team for consideration—let me know if there's any additional info you'd like for me to pass their way.

If you're curious about how our team decides on what requests we work on, this article gives some insight into that process:

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to help!

ilanseeder August 15, 2018

Thanks for the reply!

I hope the feature will be implemented and integrated as soon as possible.

Any optimization of space will be welcome:

- moving lists vertically (and preferably, freely)

- zooming in and out

- a small side-canvas that represents the full canvas, to be aware of lists not currently displayed in the scope of the monitor

- exporting and importing lists as XML / JSON


I have some experience in building environments that allow this sort of thing (graphic data representation and manipulation), so I have a general idea of what features improve on such programs and applications.

Your team can contact me for further info, suggestions and demonstrations at:

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JUne Bug February 3, 2019

I need the same feature.  I can't see my lists at one go because there are too many.  "To do, doing, done" doesn't work for me so I have other list titles.

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Veronika Berg February 3, 2019

Yey, I too want to be able to move lists and place them under each other - that would be soooo great! 

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Rahul Banerjee March 13, 2019

Likewise - this feature would be super helpful.

Trello, if you could please respond to the timeline for this - the first request was made almost 8 months ago. 

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Dave Mao May 13, 2019

I intuitively want to arrange my workspace into regions, not vertical slices. The ability to size and shape the lists and arrange them in space so their spatial relationships are preserved would be a godsend.

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timmyjose January 9, 2020

No solution yet? A Chrome-only solution is no solution at all.

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Steven Faludi January 20, 2020

Please implement a grid-view option for lists soon! This would significantly improve usability. The lists shoulld expand when clicked on.

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Remy P March 24, 2020

+1 please ! A chrome add-on is not good enough, because a lot of my team members dont use chrome - we go through the Microsoft Teams integration.

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Katrina Usita June 24, 2020

A grid view would be great. 

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Una Moran June 30, 2020

+1.  I've also been looking for a solution as people have outlined above.  Would make the Board much more useful.

Heidi Varis July 19, 2020

Me too for this suggestion - I think Im going to have to resort back to one note to get this feature happening for my team :(

Austin Carly July 30, 2020

I echo this request. Just started using this app and it is really great. I would love to be able to move some lists below others. I think this addition would really make this app even more functional. Thanks!

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JeFawk December 8, 2020

A chrome extension is not a solution. We just started using Trello but we're gonna look for alternatives simply because lists cannot be stacked. We don't have big screens but do have a lot of lists.

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Mihai Wilson December 15, 2020

Bananas this has not been introduced yet.

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Spaghetti Pickles December 17, 2020

Another vote for the implementation of this feature!!!  It would be so valuable!

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Kai May 23, 2022

Cannot imagine that this suggestion has be here for 4 years! But still you did not implement it in Trello!

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shiran_sidis May 30, 2022

That is a serious bug in design. 

Trello, you had one job! Make tasking easy to view and maintain.

I manage ~30 customers, each has its own ToDo list. I need to horizontally scroll forever.


Did anyone find a different tool for this use case?

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FVMA May 30, 2022

@shiran_sidis As a workaround and if you don't want to migrate or scroll horizontally, you can inject the following css code using the Pro for Trello addon on the store. See if that helps if not remove the addon or disable the css inject option.

Go into the Pro for Trello Board Settings, and copy paste the CSS into the "Apply custom CSS" textbox.

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Andrea Rubiño July 18, 2023

+1 I would love to have different layout options for lists

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Ulf Leisner July 4, 2021

Hey Trello, 

three years its been ! If you dont implement it your competition will find a solution your clients will be moving to !!!

Colette September 30, 2021

same "thumbs up" .....and it's a fairly easy programming addition

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Andre Shoumatoff December 2, 2022

Love love trello I'm implemented it for at least a dozen clients but this is bonkers that this doesn't exist.  Even as just an add on.  the CSS above shows how easy it would be to do......    who ever is making the clear decision to not implement should explain!!!  

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MrAmericanMike June 1, 2020

I know it's an old question, but it's mids 2020 now. Is this possible now?

I don't use Chrome so the Extension solution, isn't really an option (Or a solution) Why is this not built in?

And if it is, how we enable it?

timmyjose June 5, 2020

I don't think the Trello team actually intends to fix anything at all - even their Android app has the same annoying behaviour.

I got so tired of waiting, I created a Firefox plugin inspired by Natalie Chouinard's Chrome plugin mentioned in this thread. In case you use Firefox, feel free to try it out -


In case you do use it, please raise any bugs that you might encounter here -

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Rob Martin May 18, 2022

I just recently decided to try Trello before looking for other options.  The first annoyance I encountered was this lack of layout flexibility, after too much time spent trying to find the setting that fixes it and then searching online, I find this query.  Nearly four years and no fix?  My decision is simple.  Moving on to another provider.

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FVMA May 4, 2022

Any update on this ? We are in 2022.

Edit: If it helps I updated the CSS a bit to make it more responsive:

Jenny Roditi May 4, 2022

OMG Exactly! It should not take years to add a feature!

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FVMA May 18, 2022


3 votes
Matteo Sanfilippo September 2, 2021

@Marta Galofre de Alos I'm also waiting for this simple but necessary feature. Please: add moving up/down, it would make Trello so much usefuller for me. Idea for the Shortcut: alt-ArrowUp/Down seems a intuitive choice to me.

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Vanessa Shiels-Combe February 18, 2021

I have both work and personal Trello accounts and use Trello all day every day! I’ve been using the List Layout Chrome extension for several years now, however it’s only available for mac books and PCs as chrome extensions are not supported on iPads etc. Please can you consider adding this functionality as a Power-Up tool within Trello both via browser and app?  It would really improve the user experience plus it’s poor that we are reliant upon a Chrome extension to improve usability of Trello.  Thanks for any assistance or tips that you can provide. 

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BobBennett October 27, 2019

This is hard to believe so I'll ask to make sure I'm not being dumb.   If I have 10 clients and I want to have a list for each of them, do i have to scroll sideways to review my cards for my 10 clients?  Short of large spreadsheets, scrolling sideways seems counter-intuitive and not so easily done.  And I want to use the Windows or IOS app, not Chrome.  And based on the Chrome add-in that allows for vertical lists, using the Chrome add-in, which people seem to like, gives that developer the right to see all my boards/lists, and clients names? (I've resolved that I'm giving Trello certain access to my data.)   Is that correct too?  Thank you.  I have to think I'm missing something.

timmyjose January 9, 2020

It is true, apparently. I cannot believe this either!



I don't think the Trello team actually intends to fix anything at all - even their Android app has the same annoying behaviour.

I got so tired of waiting, I created a Firefox plugin inspired by Natalie Chouinard's Chrome plugin mentioned in this thread. In case you use Firefox, feel free to try it out -


In case you do use it, please raise any bugs that you might encounter here -

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chris cole May 3, 2019

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for vertical scrolling.  Particularly in the mobile app.  Side scrolling feels somewhat strange.  My natural reflex wants to scroll up and down like the majority of other apps.  

I love this app btw, it’s really everything I was looking for in an organization app. 

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Baran CENGIZ January 25, 2023

We're in 2023 and this is still an issue. I love Trello but this is the one thing that makes me consider migrating to another tool. 

I guess they have no intention on fixing it since no one from Trello team is responding - maybe that's because the question is marked as 'solved'

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Linda Biviano January 18, 2023

Typical, I found this thread ater posting my own about this exact same issue.

Clearly this isn't something they care to fix. :(

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Gedeon Maheux September 3, 2021

Hard to believe it's been three years since this simple feature was requested. Seems like Trello won't be adding it which is a shame. Optimizing the layout would help a great deal. BOOOOOOOOO!

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Jenny Roditi August 26, 2021

I need the same solution , any updates here maybe?

Austin Carly August 26, 2021

Hey everyone, 

I ended up switching my life to ClickUp. I would suggest checking it out. It is much more powerful than Trello. Trello can get the job done and is for sure still decent, but ClickUp is a game changer.

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Tom Walk October 19, 2020

I found this page in a search for Tello grid view. Please add a grid view for lists in Trello boards.

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Mariusz Klimowicz
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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March 11, 2024

2024 still not a feature :)

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Csaba Fábián September 22, 2023

The one single reason I don't use trello is the lack of vertical alignment. I come every year or two to check if this feature has been added but sadly no. 

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Niki Foster August 7, 2023

I JUST started using Trello and within 5 minutes see the need for this feature. I am using cards for steps in the processing of hiring and would hate to have to scroll horizontally like this forever. It's already very annoying.

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Andre Shoumatoff December 2, 2022

I want to post a screenshot of the sheer stupidity of not having this feature.  I have 10 lists in a board.  A few that are same priority (small quick tasks for employees) with 1 or 2 tasks at most.  Makes the board almost unusable.  F'n idiotic, Trello / Atlassian!  I want to support you guys but this is getting insane!  

Andre (at least 8 years of Trello and implementing boards across various companies.

Una Moran December 2, 2022

Totally agree! 

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