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How to make a butler rule to detect when a card has been updated?

Hello community,

I want to create a rule that will trigger when any card in a specific list is "updated" or "modified in any way. 

Scenario #1 - Create

1) I have a trello Sales CRM with a Sales Funnel list.  When I get new customer, I create a new card in that list.  I use Custom fields (CFs) with Text or dropdowns to fill in data in  the CFs to add info about the sale.

Example:  I add text notes into the Description field; add First name; Last name, Email address; set the CFs Priority: Hot Lead; Status: Work In Progress.  Nothing new here.

2) I then use a Create new customer ZAP that sends the CFs data values over to QuickBooks to create a new customer record.  Works great!  same customer info in both apps. Done.

Scenario #2-Update

1) During the sales cycle I Update a card by adding more notes to the Description box and changing the CF values as the sale progresses. 

Example:  Add more notes in the description box; change the CF Email address due to misspell, or set the CF Status to:  $$CLOSED$$. 

In this scenario, to zapier these are considered a Trello "card Updated" trigger which will then Update the matching QBs customer record.  Logical yes?!  And it works Great! done.  


But if I go into that card and ONLY change some of the CFs, BUT do not add any text to the Description box (a native trello field) then the Update zap never triggers.  Trello does not support that if changes are made to CFs ONLY, then  it is not considered a card update.  I must tickle the description box to push updated data to the zap.   Not cool, especially since i count on CFs giving flexibility and drive the workflow


So I thought I would  make a trello rule that says "if any card in the sales list is modified/changed/updated (however u define it) in ANY field, then write a timestamp (or any text) to the description field.  This action will force the trigger and send all updated value changes to the update zap which i know works.  Simple!  and leaves a bread-crumb trail of timestamps too.

Need help:

But I can't figure out how to do an UPDATE in a rule.  Seems that butler does everything (Add, moved, emailed, make coffee, does laundry,  etc) but has no support for an update trigger that I can find.  What am i missing?  Or is this another roadblock?

Or will I have to go down the REST API path?   I found this example but not sure how to code it:

All suggestions welcome!


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milynnus Rising Star Sep 03, 2022


Using Bulter you need to be specific about the actual trigger. So you can have a rule on CF and if Zapier does not trigger for whatever reason you can use http request to call the Zapier webhook and past Zapier the enough details to know what to do with the data subject to the scope of Zapier’s actions. 

if you are wanting to send any change on a list, then you will need to setup a webhook with idModel = idList and have the endpoint being the Zapier webhook. Then Zapier will need filter what is needed. Again this is subject to the scope of the Trello actions available on Zapier. 

HI milynnus,

Thanks so much!  Your advice forced me to dig in & Learn Webhooks and HTTP requests.   Now to y implement them.


milynnus Rising Star Sep 05, 2022


Are you asking whether I implement them? Yes. I have several clients now. My profile has my contact details. 

oh no not asking.  just saying that is my next step to take.

all the best,


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