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How can I connect Trello to Power BI like a Web source?

Joseph Tello November 1, 2017

We tried this option at work but we don´t have success.

Problema conección Power BI - Trello.jpg


Thanks for the help!

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Jeremy King June 20, 2019

I managed to get this working with Authentication

I have setup parameters in powerbi/query for

  • The API Key
  • The API Token
  • The board key you want to get information from

This is an example of the code block for the power bi query

Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(""&TrelloBoardKey&"/cards?key="&TrelloAPIKey&"&token="&TrelloAPIToken&"")),
#"Converted to Table" = Table.FromList(Source, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), null, null, ExtraValues.Error),

If you want to get Card information you can use the"&TrelloBoardKey&"/cards?

and for lists.."&TrelloBoardKey&"/lists?

and there are others.

Getting your Keys
To get your API Key go to
To get your API Token, you get this once you have an API Key you can get a token


This sums it up..


Natan Lifshes May 20, 2020

this one made the trick. thank you. 

Atul Ghunavat August 31, 2020

Hey thank you for this it worked perfectly.

But I have one issue when I try to export actions it only give 50 rows even though the json clearly has all of them (when you export the Trello board as a json).

Do you know of a way I can get it to bring in more than just 50 rows? It seems to be able to bring in data for every card when it’s set to “cards”, but not “actions”. 

Natan Lifshes September 3, 2020

I know there is a limit to the number of items when you try to access it through the RestAPI. the number is 1000.

maybe there is a similar limit to the export? 
or, maybe, you can export only the last actions done on the board because it doesn't export the history?  

If you like to use the API, I can help you.


Francisco Belda May 5, 2022

Hello Natan, 

I'm using the api but iI can't obtain more than 50 rows

Can you help me?

Thank you


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Rael Rodrigues October 4, 2018

it is right, I did it with sucess.
you only need to go to the next step, like this link:

Joseph LaRosee October 4, 2018

What did you do? When I tried I had the same issue.

Rael Rodrigues October 4, 2018

try to follow the link and the next steps

Joseph LaRosee October 4, 2018

It looks like it requires an open board unfortunately 

Rael Rodrigues October 4, 2018

one more important thing, the visibility must be in Public

Rael Rodrigues October 4, 2018

tell me if it works for you

Joseph LaRosee October 4, 2018

Unfortunately I need to do it with a private board :(

Rael Rodrigues October 4, 2018

you can use it with private in Public, people will see your trello only if they have your link

Natan Lifshes May 20, 2020

thanks for the tip, very useful.

did you manage to Model it all? 
it seems I'm still missing action dates and custom fields.

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Francis Peixoto
Rising Star
Rising Star
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April 5, 2018

Using a JSON data source in PowerBI is usually quite common. What didn't work in your integration?

If you're using PowerBI, you could look into MS Flow as a lightweight service bus. Flow has connectors for both Trello and PowerBI that could simplify the integration setup. A more robust of feature rich integration via a service bus would require something like Mulesoft to be set up in the middle. Mulesoft would allow two-way one-to-many or many-to-one interactions between systems.

Joseph LaRosee September 24, 2018

It looks like an authentication issue. 

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