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Hi, I am trying to set up Trello within my company as an effective communications tool.

Sinead Dominik September 30, 2023

I want everyone that is a member of the workspace board (Approx 30 people) to receive notifications anytime there is any activity on the board in real-time. 

Is there a way to do this?

Is there a way to get pop-up notifications of any activity that is made by any workspace member, even if you are not mentioned? Rather than a notification via e-mail.

I am experimenting with my own e-mail and am watching the board, I am watching all the cards etc, but everytime I do something on the board, I do not receive any notifications.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much,


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Ost September 30, 2023

You can have all members of the board watch the board via the menu on left-hand side of your board. Notifications would be visible via the bell at the top left of trello.

It will be a tremendous amount of notifications though. Unless the board does not get a lot of activity. Otherwise it might be so many that people wind up ignoring all notifications. 

Concerning your email notifications, are they set to "instantly"? 
Your profile icon in upper left > profile & visibility > settings



Sinead Dominik September 30, 2023

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have the notifications set to instantly, plus the board and all the cards are set to watch. I know there will be a lot of notifications, but believe it or not, this is exactly what we are looking for.. in real-time. It is necessary for what we are trying to achieve.

I have just realised (Rookie mistake as I am new to this), that the reason I am not seeing notifications is because I am in the process of setting this up to pitch this to my bosses so I will not see notifications from actions that I add to the boards, and there are no other members yet until I get this approved!

One final question, I am trying to get desktop notifications set up! I have followed the instructions as to where to locate the setting for this so I can activate it, but there is no option for it. Just for e-mail notifications. Am I missing something else being the Rookie that I am? I did attempt to go into my account settings also to see if the option was available to me there, and couldn't find the option!


Thanks so much Bob, I am on a deadline with this so I really appreciate your help!


Kind regards,


Ost September 30, 2023

I don't use the desktop app very often, so I'm not sure if this is helpful.

But if you click the wheel at the top left it brings up a Preferences menu where you can send a test notification.

I think notifications can be set in the same place as before:
 Your profile icon in upper left > profile & visibility > settings

I know the Preferences menu says "control panel > notifications" but i can't seem to find that exact wording. I could be overlooking.


Ost September 30, 2023

Also, Brittnay Joiner's vid on updated email notifications might be helpful?

I'm speculating the email notifications settings affect what you get pop-ups about? Maybe. Sorry I don't know more in this area.

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Sinead Dominik October 9, 2023

Hey Bob, 

Thanks so much for your help. I cannot see a wheel on the board I have. I do have notifications set to instantly and e-mail notifications set up. I guess I just would like desktop pop-up notifications, like you would get on Microsoft Teams, every time someone has interacted with the board. I appreciate your insights and will keep plodding along until I figure this out.. :)


Thanks so much!!



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