Google Team Drive documents?

Is it in the works to be able to attach documents from Google Team Drives? Or is it possible already and I am just missing it?


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Right now, access to Google Team Drives is not available. I'll let our team know, that this is something you are interested in!


+1 on this. Desperately need this.

As do I

+1 as well

Shared project docs are all in Team Drives, which is where they should be. Connecting those docs to Trello cards is essential. Creating a doc/sheet in My Drive, sharing it with the team from My Drive, only so I can attach it to a Trello card, is nutty.

The first collaboration tool to fully support G-Suite with Team Drives will win new customers.

So far I haven't found one that has added Team Drive support, but the search is on.

Yes please!   I set up a Google Drive Team specifically for using with a Trello project as it seemed like a great way to organise collaborative files etc only to find it didn't work. Very frustrating.....

Hey, everyone who wants this feature -- be sure to vote for it in order to raise its profile. Click on the vote button next to Torben's original answer.

Also needing this desperately! It's severely hindering my ability to attach files since my team moved to a Team Drive to keep everything centralized. It would be a match made in heaven.

Still waiting on this - it's starting to be a reason NOT to use Trello....

This is a real problem for us also. Is it on the roadmap yet.

+1, highly needed.

+1 - please let us know when it is available

Hey @Torben Gendorf, since this appears to have been fixed up on Google's end (per Martin's comment below), will we be seeing this fixed soon in Trello?

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Susan Ostreicher Community Champion Sep 05, 2017

I'm not sure if the original question was about Confluence Cloud or Server, or if it was about building support for Team Drive into Confluence itself.  But for anyone who's using Confluence Cloud and open to using a plugin, I would highly recommend Google Drive & Docs for Confluence. It does support Team Drive.  

Thanks for your answer, but the question/concern/need is about Trello support for Team Drives, not Confluence.

Susan Ostreicher Community Champion Sep 05, 2017

My apologies!

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FYI - this is not an Atlassian issue, this is a Google issue. The Google File Picker API does not support Team Drive at the moment, only Drive. (That's why files in Drive works and Team Drive doesn't.) So until Google fixes their API, third-party products like Confluence, Trello,, Asana, etc. will not be able to pick files from a Team Drive location. 

If this issue is important to you, please click the "star" at the top of  Google Issue 36761624 so it gets re-prioritized. 



Thanks Eileen for the link.  The latest comments there (after your post here) indicates the newest file picker API includes Team Drive support now.   -  Comment #13

"Isn't that already supported? I am under the impression that it is  - DocsView.setEnableTeamDrives(boolean)"


Let's hope is easy for Trello and the other app developers to get it working.

+1 Martin! :)

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