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Card Repeater Power-Up - task repeating every 2 weeks starts in 1 week

Jun Kamata October 22, 2017


I'm new to Trello so I assume this is user error.  Please let me know how I can correct this!  (I did read the related threads and think this is a different Q)a

I have a task that I've created - let's stay it's for Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

I want it to repeat every two weeks on Tuesday - Nov, 7, Nov 21, Dec 5, etc.

But in the Card Repeater Power-Up (from within the Task), when I select

  • "Repeats:  Weekly"
  • "On:  Tu"
  • "Every:  2 Weeks"

It says "You will see this card repeat on October 31, 2017 and November 14, 2017".

So it's getting the every 2 weeks part right except for the initial repeat which is in only in 1 week.  As a result, all of the weeks are off-cycle by 1 week.

Please help!



7 answers

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Marc Hassman March 15, 2019

Need a 'set first instance date' field.

Dayna Deaner March 17, 2024

If by "set first instance date" you mean "start date", then this still does not work for me. If by "set first instance date" you mean something else, please explain. 

4 votes
sleeke June 18, 2018

I'm also having this issue - it's very frustrating, and also happens with all x-week cards.

It's somehow linked to the time you set; if the time you set the card to appear is in the future, it seems to work correctly, adding a repeat for that time, and x weeks in the future. The problem is that the first occurrence will always be on the next incidence of the day/time you select.

The best workarounds I can think of right now are:

  • If scheduling on the day you want it to appear:
    • Set the recurrence time to a time in today's future
    • Set to 2 week frequency
    • Accept that you'll never get this card to appear at the right time ...unless you can remember to schedule it in the week before you want it to appear, as below:
  • Remember to arrange recurring meetings in the week/month/year before the time you want them to appear on your list
    • Tip: You could always add a card to pop up in the interim to remind you to set a 2-week repeating card for the 'right' date. 

All the stupid workarounds aside, I'm pretty sure this could be fixed v easily in a minor release. Any chance of that Trello?

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Jun Kamata October 22, 2017

UPDATE:  Works for a similar, every 2 weeks task starting on 10/31, still not working properly for the one starting on 10/24.


I have a different recurring task that starts on Tue, 10/31 and want to repeat every 2 weeks (10/31, 11/14, 11/28, etc.)

For that task, the Card Repeater worked as expected, with the same setting above (Weekly, Tu, 2 Weeks).  It also says "You will see this card repeat on October 31, 2017 and November 14, 2017".

But the card repeater settings for the every-2-week task that starts on 10/24 appear to be the same but that one is also set to repeat on 10/31, 11/14, etc., still 1 week off the desired cycle.

Samuel Radcliffe April 11, 2018

I ran into the exact same issue using a monthly repeat. Any answers?

Duncan Drury June 15, 2021

Also looking for this for annual reminders. 

Surely being able to specify the next occurrence and then the repeat pattern is the most common use case for repeater?

2 votes
Valériane Kroonen September 16, 2022


I'm facing the same problem.
The occurence starts on the 1st of next month for a 3 month repeat that starts on the 1st of december (I also tried setting it to the 1st september, nothing changes). It should be december, march, june and september, but the system says that the next occurence will be the 1st of october.

I see that this is an old problem.
Has anyone in the Trello team looked into it please ?

If not, could you try to fix that problem soon ?


2 votes
barcala October 19, 2018

I have a similar problem too. I'm trying to repeat a card every two years starting on a specific day of a specific year (not today) and Trello repeater propose me many crazy repetition dates. None of them match what I want to set.

I think recurrent tasks are a core feature for any work organizing tool, and it seems that this kind of problem is there for more than two years in Trello.

Trello people. Could you, please, see what is happening with the repeater power up and try to solve these problems?

Thank you

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Valériane Kroonen April 11, 2024

Hi @Dayna Deaner
I switched to Notion, I realise that's not a fix but if it's any help...

Good day,

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Dayna Deaner March 17, 2024

It has been 6.5 years since this original concern was posted and I am still having this problem.  However, I found in a different post the below info:


"We've recently added new functionality to Trello's built-in scheduled automation, which allows you to create new commands using a multi-day selection. You can even use the command find card to create scheduled repeating cards!

To learn more about these changes, please take a look at our community post here:"


From what I can tell, the "Repeat" power-up has unresolved limitations and we should create all recurring tasks in Trello's built-in scheduled automations instead 

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