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Can I limit my Trello email notifications to only notify me when I'm tagged?

Hi there,

I was wondering if I can set up my Trello board to only send me email notifications when someone tags me. I saw in other threads that some suggested unwatching cards or installing Trello integrations like benko board. I don't want to install an integration. As for unwatching cards, this doesn't work if I want to continue to watch the card (in that it is work that pertains to me) but I only want to be notified if I am specifically tagged (in comments or task items, for example). 

I know about setting email notifications to instantly, periodically, or never. I want to receive instant email notifications, but only for notifications in which I am tagged.

Is what I am describing possible?

Thanks a lot!


1 answer

Hi @DNagar ! Good question - for the moment, there's no way to customise what you'll be notified of. It's sort of all or nothing, really. It would be great to see this as an option though if you want to submit a feature request to

As a workaround in the meantime, you could turn off notifications all together and create a butler rule to notify you when you're @mentioned in the comments of a card. You can then customise what the email contents will be depending on what's important for you (e.g. card name, link to the card, the comment text, link to comment, list name, custom field data, etc.) 

Hi Hannah,

Thanks so much for your reply! That's a very cool workaround and I'd like to try it out, but I'm having trouble implementing it. I went to automation and created a new rule. The trigger I set up is "when someone is mentioned in a checklist on a card" but then when I went to set up the action, the closest thing I could find was "send an email notification to _______." I want it to send an email to whoever was tagged, but that's not an option it's giving me, since it's asking for a fill in the blank:


Can you provide instructions for how I can set up that rule?



Hannah Morgan Community Leader Dec 15, 2021

I couldn't see a way to create a rule saying "when someone is @mentioned, email {matcheduseremailaddress}." There doesn't seem to be a variable that will take the mentioned user's email address. You have variables for usernames though, so if everyone's username matched their emails, you could set the variable to {matchedusername} 

I think the simplest method would be for each individual to create a rule for themselves. So you would just need to direct everyone to turn off their notifications, and then create a rule that looks something like this:

send @mention notification.PNG

You can share the rule with your workspace, so that way they can just duplicate it and simply swap out the email for their own.

Hi Hannah,

Thank you so much for this creative workaround! It is working at sending me email notifications when I am tagged. 

My only question is, is it possible to set it up so that the email "message" includes a link to the specific task card I was mentioned in? Right now, the only link the email notification has is a link to the Trello board. It would be great if I could include something in the message that would bring me directly to the card where the tag is, but I haven't been able to figure how to do that (assuming it's possible).

Thanks a lot,


Hannah Morgan Community Leader Dec 21, 2021

Yes! That's possible :) you can add variables to pull information into the email or slack notification. Card link would be [{cardname}]({cardlink}). That will give you the name of the card with a hyperlink to the card. You can also include the comment, link to comment, and other card details. Info on variables here

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for that explanation. This has all been extremely helpful! I set that up for myself and just sent out an email to my teammates explaining how to make that change on each of their Trello boards. You can feel free to mark this issue as resolved.

Thanks again for all of your help! 


Hannah Morgan Community Leader Dec 22, 2021

Awesome! Glad to hear that's working for you 🙌

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