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Billing for Premium Members and Workspaces on Trello


Hi, I'm extremely confused by Trello's billing setup. We have 3 Premium members in 1 board in a workspace. I added new boards, so I'd like to add the other 2 people as members to the workspace as a whole. 

When I go to add, it looks like we are charged an extra $12/month. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this how it works, i.e. we pay to be a Premium Member and then have to pay more to be a workspace member? 

I tried asking customer service, but never heard back. Any help would be appreciated!

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Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 16, 2021

Hi @Peter Sfraga 👋

Welcome to the Community! I've had a look into this and I believe what you're experiencing is multi-board guests - someone who is a guest on two or more boards within a Workspace. Multi-board guests are billed at the same rate as Workspace members. See this page for more information on multi-board guests.

I thought I'd explain it a little as there are two ways someone can be billable in a paid workspace:

  1. They are a Workspace member - either a normal member or a Workspace admin
  2. They are a multi-board guest in the Workspace

I'd recommend reading through the Trello support article 'How billing works with Trello Premium and Standard' as it goes through this in more detail for you.

I hope this helps but if you have any questions just ask away 😃

All the best,


Hi Laura, thanks for the response. I've read that article, but I still find it convoluted. I'm just trying to understand best practices here: we have 3 team members and want them to access 1 workspace with multiple premium boards. How do we best do that? 

We are all premium members already, so I would have thought it wouldn't be an issue. But then it looks like I'd be charged the premium membership + access to the workspace. 

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Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 16, 2021

Hi Peter, 

A couple of quick questions:

  • Are the boards you are trying to add them to within the Workspace you are all premium members of?
  • Similar question, the team members who already have a premium membership is that attached to the workspace or is their premium plan attached to another workspace?

If they are all members of the same singular, premium workspace you should not be charged for adding them to any board within that workspace. However, premium plans don't carry across to other people's workspaces. You should be able to see if they belong to the workspace within the settings shown below...

If you could take a quick look at the answers above hopefully we'll be able to get this all sorted for you 😊

They're not part of the workspace, just the board right now. Is it possible to move their premium membership from whatever workspace it resides, to the correct one? Thanks again!

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Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 16, 2021

Ah okay, yeah that's why you'll be seeing another charge to add them to the workspace. This sounds like a job for Trello support 🦸‍♂️  if you raise a ticket with them adding to the ticket your team members that you need to move across as well as a description of the situation they should be able to help.

You can raise a support ticket here >>

Thanks. Is there a number I can call? I put in a ticket days ago and haven't heard back

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Laura Holton Community Leader Dec 16, 2021

Unfortunately there isn't a number. Just in case, have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes responses from Trello support can land in there 🤔

I will also loop in @Michael Pryor who should be able to check on the status of your ticket for you. 

I just checked spam - nothing there. I received an automated response and ticket number, but nothing else since Tuesday morning.

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It sounds like you are not paying for the other two members right now because they are just single board guests - so yes they can use your premium board but the reason you are being charged to make them full members of the workspace is because you aren’t paying for them now. 

You can go to the billing tab of your workspace settings and see this. Premium is 12.50USD per month per user and from what you’ve told us I think you are paying 12.50 for yourself.  

Hi Michael, thanks for the response. I think the confusion is, they are already paying for themselves as Premium members. So, yes, I'm paying for myself and they are paying for themselves. Is there some way to move their payment under me? (If it helps, it is all under one business card)

The subscriptions in Trello are on the workspace.

So they might be part of a different Premium workspace but that won’t relate to your Premium workspace.

The credit card/billing/etc is all happening at the workspace level.  

If they are paying for a separate workspace you could consolidate your boards into one workspace and only pay for that single workspace. 

Got it. Is there a how-to on the board consolidation?

Hi Michael, as you can see below, there is no option for my colleague to add her board into my workspace. Is there something else we can do? Should I have them cancel their premium subscriptions and then I add them to my workspace? Thanks


Trello Screenshot 2.png

Did you make them a member of your Workspace? Or are they still just a guest on one of your boards. 

Guest. Won't we get charged twice if I make them a member? Or once I consolidate their boards into my workspace it will only be one charge?

They can cancel their subscription now but yes when you add them to your workspace you will be charged. Alternatively they can add you to the board as an admin then you can change the workspace for the board. 

Thanks, Michael. Unfortunately, even when added as Admin to her board, I can't change the workspace. Is there some way this can be done on the backend by Trello IT or can I screen share with someone to help out? Having multiple boards under one workspace with multiple users that already have premium accounts seems like a common thing, so I'm not sure what I'm doing incorrectly here. Thanks!

Ok, sounds like best move is to have them cancel their subscription   - then you add them to your workspace and they can move the boards over. 

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