Also can't enable Google Drive using PowerUp

Hi --

I'm trying to use the Google Drive Power-Up and so far have been unable to do so.

It's fine up to a point. I have enabled it; when I click on the menu choice "Google Drive" under Power-Ups, and try to, say, attach a file, I get the pop-up asking me to link my Google Drive account. I click on that, and get the pop-up asking me to choose an account. I do, and it asks me if I want to allow to do various tasks. I click on Allow, and this is where it hangs; the pop-up just sits, grayed out, and never finishes. 

Is there a glitch here I'm missing? Thanks.

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Never mind. Just found out that you can't enable Google Drive from the desktop app; you have to use the online version. All's well.

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