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Trello desktop app feature idea

Max Kloosterman July 17, 2020


I'm working with Trello a lot to keep my work and time organised but at the same time I have a row of sticky notes on the bottom of my screen where I check from left to right what I really need to do first today. These sticky notes usually correspond to the top items on my trello todo list. 

Looking at it this morning made me wonder: would it be possible for the trello desktop app to have a widget or feature - I'm not a software designer or enigneer so no idea what to call it yet - that on touching the top of my screen appears (like the autohide behaviour for the windows taskbar) and will show the cards from a specified list with the cards appearing left to right in order of priority (current top to bottom sort on the corresponding trello list)

Simply being able to see them would be a nice start - to make it more fancy:

* On hovering over one of them: show the description

* On click and drag: Allow reordering of them as you would do in a trello list

* On click: same behaviour as in the trello apps - open the card so you can edit it

To make the widget non-annoying:

* If I touch the top of the screen while dragging an application: don't respond

* If I touch the top of the screen for less then a specified time: don't respond

* when I am sharing my (full) screen: don't respond or respond only in the background

* ... 


Whether to do this for Trello or also for a Jira list - not sure yet - we're also working with Jira and not sure yet whether to switch to Jira entirely - for now Trello works for the day to day stuff outside of specific larger / team projects that are managed in Jira.

Kind regards,




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