Restrict/Reduce Checklist Copy list from clutter

Problem: the Checklist: Copy Items from list gets very unruly when checklists are commonly used in multiple active cards.

Ask: Is there a way or could a way be added to either select which lists are able to be copied on a board or only display unique checklists? When I copy a checklist to another card, it displays both of them in the copy list, even if there have been no changes to the checklist.

I know that the list will not include archived cards, but I tend to have a lot of cards active at once using one or many checklists. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem and would like or have found a solution besides archiving old cards. 


Maybe a Power-Up called Merge Checklists by CMGCode might be helpful for you. I haven't tested it myself, but it's worth a shot.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I took a look at it, but it appears to only combine two or more checklists (unrelated or not) together as one new checklist. I am more looking for a way to reduce the amount of checklist items under Copy items from... option. When you have a lot of copies of the same checklist, it is very cluttered, even though all of the checklists contain the exact same items. If you only have one or two re-used lists it is fine. Otherwise, it creates a lot of entries that you have to scan through.

I think Hannah below might have had a good idea around automation rules that I will need to look into a bit more.

Hannah Humbert - Simpla Workflows
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Jul 10, 2022

@Jordan Bauman welcome to the community :) maybe using automation here might help? If there are checklists you're using frequently, potentially setting up a template card could be the way to go. From there, you can use butler automation to copy the checklist when a certain trigger is applied to a card. For example, when a card is moved to a particular list, or a specific label is applied, or even if you create a checklist with a specific title. Another option would be to use butler card buttons. This might not work if you're working with a lot of checklists, though. 

Happy to provide more information around that if you think it would work for your use-case!

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Hi Hannah, thanks for getting back to me so fast! I was unaware that you could specify an automation trigger for when a card (or other item) contains specific text. I have enough checklists and already defined labels that automation around labelling would not be very effective with my setup. I think that creating some naming conventions for my cards is currently the best option to solve my issue. 

There would still be the remaining issue for any checklists that are not as commonly copied, it will still be a mess when trying to find and copy them unless you go through and create individual rules ahead of time. However, I currently either have unique checklists or the ones that I copy frequently, so it isn't super pertinent to my work as of right now.

Thanks for the work-around! I implemented it in a few boards and it is working well.


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