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Introducing: A Whole New Trello

briancervino Atlassian Team Feb 16, 2021


After a decade of growing the most ubiquitous visual framework for productivity and project management, we are evolving Trello’s boards, lists, and cards model to bring context to content and help teams tear down silos across projects and tools. 

We are building for an entirely new era of teamwork—where people live in different locations, but work stays connected. This is the beginning of a whole new Trello.

We’re rolling out new ways to visualize your data on a Trello board: as a dashboard, a timeline, a table, and more. With these new views, you can better visualize the work to be done, who needs to do it, and which tasks are at risk. You’ll gain insight to manage both the project at large and the tasks at hand. 

We’re also launching new card capabilities that connect between boards, and across apps, to turn Trello into your team’s single source of truth. Plus, we’ll be rolling out a new sidebar that makes it easier to navigate all of the boards and views within your team. 

But wait there’s even more—we’re capping off this evolution of Trello with a once-in-a-decade refresh for Trello’s logo and brand. Join us in celebration of the productivity levels, projects, and milestones achieved  by you and your teams every day. 

Check out everything we've launched today and more:

  • Views (Timeline, Table, Dashboard, Calendar, Map)
  • Card types
  • Brand refresh
  • Vision for the future of Trello 

We'd love to hear what you think about everything we've launched so please leave any comments and questions here. Our founder @Michael Pryor will be sure to chime as well!


Erica Moss Community Manager Feb 16, 2021


This is HUGE! Big props to all of the Trello team members who made this possible. 🔥

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Is there a release schedule for these updates?

@Erica Moss What is the time frame for Mirroring of cards to be released?

How will this differ from Unito's solution to mirroring cards?

briancervino Atlassian Team Apr 13, 2021

@Souk Nomichith We don't have a release date yet. We are working on the feature still and hope that the release will be in the next few months.

Unito does a two-way sync between cards whereas Mirror cards would reflect a card on one board to another.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Feb 16, 2021

cool! I can't wait to dive into this and play around. It's like Christmas in February!

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just taking a quick peek. right off i'm unsure why i have the Views option on some boards and not others? Actually only on one board, my most recent.

briancervino Atlassian Team Feb 16, 2021

Views are available for boards with in Business and Enterprise teams. Is it possible that the boards that don't have views are not a part of a Business Class or Enterprise team? 

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Feb 16, 2021

entirely possible but TBH, i'm logged into a single account. Can I have business and non-business w/in a single account? I have always had a free account but recall I was given a business account as a Community Leader maybe. Never played w/ it though. :-) the Views is available only on the latest board I created.

briancervino Atlassian Team Feb 16, 2021

Within a single account you can have multiple teams, of which some could be upgraded to Business Class and some may not be. You can reach out to our support team for help there to see if that's the case or perhaps it is a different issue -

Wow, just wow! Loved Trello since day one already and I am really looking forward to the new features!! That's the right time for some appreciation by Shia LaBeouf! :D 


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Are these feature available for Trello Gold users as well?

briancervino Atlassian Team Feb 16, 2021

While Gold users do enjoy some increased functionality, views are only available on the Trello Business Class and Enterprise tiers. If you are interested in trying Business Class, we are actually now offering a 14 day free trial: 

Board cards and Link cards are available for all Trello users. 

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will mirror cards will be available for gold users?

right now I'm working with butler for same idea but I sure think that it will make thing easier.

Dave Liao Community Leader Feb 16, 2021

I'm stoked to see the unifying sidebar.

I'm super stoked to hear about mirroring cards. It's like a Star Trek or Doctor Who episode, but with productivity improvements. 😉

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WOW !!!

It's really incredible, congratulations to all the Trello team that has worked for all these improvements

Cheers !!! 👍 👊 ✌️ 👌 

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GREAT enhancements!!  Looking forward to using a lot of them!

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These new changes sound great !

Just to clarify : I'm not able yet to use these new views in my Business class team : when are those new features planned for release ? 

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I believe these items are already available to you.  I have Business level and I can see the new Views.

Thank you Dale.

EDIT : I found the new views access in each board, I was incorrectly looking for creating new types of boards instead, my bad !

Fantastic update! I love the new views! Do we have a rough ETA on the mirror cards? That will be game changing for us.

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Any idea when drag and drop feature for Timeline view will be available? This is AMAZING. We've used Planyway but this feature is HUGE. We love you Trello. 

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We use trello for our newsrooms, and we used to be able to paste an url into the text-field, after which automatically a card would be generated with an accompanying image cover. Since a few weeks that does not work anymore. How do we get that feature back? 

CARD LINKS question for Trello... Is there a way that I can use this so that when the card is clicked it will open an Excel Spreadsheet directly?  I don't think I can use "Attachment" as I do not want a "snapshot" of the file, I want access to the live file.

Same for Word files, PDF files, etc.

Excited about the update, but noticed checklist items with a date do not appear in the new views. Seems like a miss or maybe I missed something. The old calendar power-up does show checklist items and was hoping the new views would do the same.

FYI, just added feedback via the "Give us feedback" button on the view.

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Incredible 💙💯

Ivan Lima Community Leader Feb 28, 2021

Trello has been taken to another level this time! Awesome! 🙌🏻


This is already a thing though

these updates are incredible!


I beg you for two more features, really simple ones actually:


1. the ability to export comments alongside with other fields for each card. they could be ";" separated in one cell or whatever. it is super important to me as I use Trello as a simple CRM and the comments make up the contact's history, which is crucial to have. exporting is a way of backing up the entire CRM and is necessary for the whole solution to work for our team. and also not being able to export the contact's history in comments is kind of a data lock-in story, is it not?

2. the ability to limit copying & exporting permissions - I'd like to disable this option for non-admin users of the board. when it is used as a CRM, making screenshots is not effective so nobody would bother to much, but exporting the whole board? it might be tempting for a untruthful employee

I went to the "Beyond the board" seminar in February and was really exited about the new features, but I'm unclear on when they'll all be available.

I understand we can expect native card mirroring between boards to be available at some point (without having to use Placker or Unito etc) - When is this coming?

We are crying out for 2-way sync on cards that appear on multiple boards.

Please let me know and I'll be your best friend forever :)

...I can't advocate hard enough for Trello and this little gem will mean we can use it for running our whole creative agency <3

Thanks guys




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Is there an app, automation, or Butler tip to consolidate one or more cards and combine all information (from multiple cards) on 1 card?  Thanks in advance!

Make me a way to get rid of Smartsheet and only use trello for project management :D

Why do we still not have threaded replies? for me this  is the Achilles heel of  Trello, what strengthens the competition over it 


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