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Gmail Add-On not showing all boards

Leah Weston May 5, 2019


I am trying to set up Trello to manage multiple projects at my work, where we use Google for e-mail and document management. I installed the Trello add-on for Gmail, which seems to work, except that the drop down menu that allows me to assign a card to an e-mail only shows some, but not all of my Boards. 

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a solution?


Iain Dooley
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 5, 2019

@Leah Weston I haven't personally seen the issue ... is there any consistency between the board that aren't showing up? For example are they newly created? Are they boards that you are not an administrator on? Anything like that you can point to as a common factor?

Also, if you're using G-Suite and want to manage lots of projects with Trello you might like to check out this integration I wrote that allows you to use Trello as a Gmail client:

Leah Weston May 6, 2019

@Iain Dooley Thanks for the response. The only thing I can see about the boards that are showing up is that they were the first three I created. 


I've since tried logging out and back into Trello and uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on and I have the same problem where the add-on only displays some of my boards.

A. S. Williams May 6, 2019

Hello, I am having this same problem. Please advise.

Thank you.

Leah Weston May 6, 2019

@A. S. Williams  Like I wrote above, for me, it seems like only the first three boards I created are showing up in my dropdown on the Gmail add-on. Is it the same for you?

A. S. Williams May 6, 2019

@Leah Weston  Yes. I can only see the first 4 boards I created. I've tried rebooting and refreshing and all that. I'll keep trying to see if it's just a matter of time.

Leah Weston May 6, 2019

@Iain Dooley @A. S. Williams Update: I think I figured out the issue. I realized that the boards that were not showing up in the drop down list of the Gmail add-on were the ones that contained no lists/cards. As soon as I added a list on the empty boards, all of the boards appeared in the drop down when I refreshed Gmail.

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A. S. Williams May 6, 2019

@Leah Weston @Iain Dooley  You've solved it! Thank you! I tried it out and it worked. So new users need to know that a board won't show up in the Gmail add-on unless it already has a card in it. A user must make the first card in Trello first.

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Leah Weston May 7, 2019

@A. S. Williams Fantastic. I'm glad to hear that was a solution for you, as well. 

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