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Calling all Trello users! How has Trello changed the way your team works?

Claire Cook Atlassian Team Aug 05, 2019

We’re looking for stories about how Trello has changed the way your team works. Share your story for an opportunity to be featured in an upcoming marketing campaign.

Benefits include:

  • Story on our blog - read by more than 750k people each month
  • Feature in our bi-monthly newsletter - read by millions of Trello users
  • Promotion across our social channels which have a combined following of more than 220k users


Deleted user Aug 05, 2019

My company produces financial compliance software.  We have a project with each company that goes live with our software and Trello boards are a component of those projects.

We typically have common columns on each board, and then customize it to what the individual customer needs.  We have columns holding shared documentation.  Other columns are where responses are waiting from either us or the partner company.  We also have columns for work in development and resolved cards.

Having one card per question/request/issue is very helpful.  Being able to include attachments is valuable.  Some partners want to use all the bells and whistles, so we have color-coding, labels, due dates and priorities.  Other partners want it as simple as possible.  Being able to watch a card ensures you receive an email notification when the card is updated, so you can keep current with the issue or request.  During conference calls, we share screens via Skype or Zoom and review open and/or new cards.

All said, it's an effective tool for managing questions and concerns between companies.

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Claire Cook Atlassian Team Aug 05, 2019

@[deleted] I'd love to set up a call to learn more. My email is if you want to email me directly. Otherwise, feel free to share your email and I can reach out. 

Deleted user Aug 05, 2019

Email sent.  =)

We are fundraising office within a private technical university.

My operations team and I implemented a centralized, scalable, and semi-automated gift intake and tracking management system by capitalizing on the power of cloud-based tools such as Trello and a few other tools. I was subsequently able to give a summary of our achievements as a best practice at two internationally recognized industry conferences this past November and March.

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One of the companies I work for has been stuck on emails, spreadsheets shared over a NAS (network attached storage) and phone calling forever.

When I joined initially to approve a change to the software (or to approve a marketing initiative even), you'd have to complete a spreadsheet, store under a specific folder on the company's NAS and email the managers to review it and approve it via email reply.

Then I showed up and showed them how to use Trello with Google Drive and Dropbox!

They call me the guru now.


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Claire Cook Atlassian Team Aug 08, 2019

Cool story! Can you share more information about the company you work for? What industry they're in, size of company, etc? 

orlie Community Leader Aug 09, 2019

Sure thing: we sell online subscriptions and packages to places you bring your family to have a good time (family entertainment businesses). We're about 40 people in total most of folks work in operations, they never used Slack and thought that Trello + Google Drive was a gift sent from the sky: "Wait, are you saying I can just link a file on this board-thing on a card directly, without having to download it and re-upload it manually?" - Yes hello it's 2019 :D ?

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Iain Dooley Community Leader Aug 08, 2019

@Claire Cook hey I run a consulting company and I build all sorts of workflows for my customers using Benko Board:

and Trellinator:

and I run productivity coaching for Benko Board users:

and I have a virtual mobile phone application that uses Trello:

I also have a shared inbox product add-on to Benko Board called Benko Desk which doesn't have it's own website yet but is like a replacement for HelpScout or FreshDesk that runs inside Trello.

You can see recommendations from some of my clients on LinkedIn as well as on the above websites:

The companies I am working with currently are in construction, human resources, veterinary product importing, real estate, aged home care, fire suppression systems; there are others still in other industries using Benko Board or Magic Mobile but who haven't gone onto one of my other programmes. I also built a little Salesforce integration as a proof of concept for one of the Atlassian sales guys.

So Trello has basically been the platform upon which I deliver all my services for the past 4 years. The customers listed above all have stories they could share about how Trello has changed the way they work, or I could give a summary of some of those systems, or I could discuss Trello automation generally. Lots of options :)

Claire Cook Atlassian Team Aug 12, 2019

Thanks for sharing @Iain Dooley

I work for a hotel company in the HR department and we oversee five hotels (approx. 1,700 employees).  Each hotel was very silo'ed on how it handles labor relations issues.  Additionally, the hiring/recruiting process was not available remotely, just on a network share-drive which made it hard to share/access information.


Using Trello we have introduced a consistent way to manage employee complaints. We handle all employee recruiting and placement through Trello for all of our hotels. We manage our calendar of events, event planning and meeting note-taking through Trello as well. 

We also have a Learning tracker board where each team member has a list where they share training classes they've completed and any take aways or recommendations,

Introducing this platform to my team of 20 people have fundamentally changed the way we work, and given us access to the info we need most when on the go as traveling throughout NYC to our different properties is a daily activity.

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Thanks for sharing @Kevin Levine ! What's the best email address to reach out to for more info?

Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Aug 12, 2019

Hi @Claire Cook ,

I actually wrote an article back in June about how the Baseball league I'm on the Board of Directors for is looking for a way to make work more transparent and to have a better idea of all the work that needs to be completed, and How I had made the recommendation to start using Trello to track this work.


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Hello @Claire Cook 

I would love to share with the community my experience with Trello. 
First let me explain what we do. We are a new type of agency, created to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs. Imagine a mix of incubator+accelerator+new concept of soft landing + business development/representation agency, got it? Right, now imagine that mix but with more ethical, customized and innovated version of that mixed business plan. Now, locate that concept with IBDs (International Business Developers) already in different countries and continents. Finding business awesomeness and helping with operations, structure and a lot more. 
¿Why Trello and Slack are so important for us? 
Easy, with Slack we communicate efficiently with our clients and internally. Everyone knows how it works, the result is a more effective communication all around the areas and with our clients. Never loosing track of what matters and what need to be said. 
But the most important piece regarding this topic is Trello. That awesome platform that has many uses with my client's companies and the collaboration inside the agency. 
- Brainstorming: It is incredibly easy to create proposals, strategic visits to conventions, events, contracts, strategies. 

- Sales / negotiations / activities Control internal and with clients: If you use the power ups. WOW! you can do magic, very clear, very visual. Clients love to have control of what we do almost in real time. See if we already have a due date coming up and if we did it, or we messed up.  

- Plan visits to Conventions: each year we plan visits to conventions. We use on a very customized way that the team can coordinate and achieve goals during the visit. And have control without causing a mess with other collaborators. 

- Control on process, services. 
- Dynamic platforms in order that the clients can choose whenever they want which services they would like. That way we can generate proposals. 

As you see Trello is part of our life and enters or is already on our client's hearts.  
We have applied Trello for many activities, services, plans, etc., but also for different industries. Culture - Health - Apps - retail - entertainment - social - etc.

I know it is a lot of info, and I could talk for hours about the different personal and professional ways to apply Trello. 

Have a wonderful day. 
Best regards, 


Juan Pablo D. 

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Claire Cook Atlassian Team Aug 16, 2019

Thanks for sharing!

Morning @Claire Cook !

Our client IKEA (yes, the furniture guys) has managed all of their entire Place App (multi-award winning app and #1 non-gaming retail AR iOS app = this one ) through Trello. Quite remarkable.

The biggest benefit has been managing 4 different parties (client and 3 vendors) all in one handy location. Helps both with transparency and capacity management.

As the UX/UI, Dev'ing and Test/Release is so intense, it offered a slightly faster more efficient way of working over Jira as fast and highly proactive Continuous Development and a high rate of iterations with fast SLA response times was key! It also left developers more empowered as they were directly in control of their work and responsible for progress reporting on a detailed level. For the PM it was then just a simple case of snapshotting the high level progress weekly.

Claire Cook Atlassian Team Sep 12, 2019

Incredible @Andy - PTC Redundant

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It really is - I love it when a project proves that Trello is not just a to-do list :)

I got Erica's message just now :oD


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