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Add members to Boards but disable ALL permissions

Rui Vilela November 24, 2021


I´m working with multiple boards, one for each team (altough they work in the same way), and I´m synching (using UNITO) these boards to a single "Parent board". 

Tricky bit is that I need to keep the member of each card so that it shows on the "Parent board", but it will not sync the Member field if I don´t invite/add them to "Parent board".

If I do invite/add them, they have acess to the said board, which I don´t want. As an admin, is there a way to add members but fully disable any permissions? 

Even if I would add Members ( I don´t want to, of course), search function would be tricky for all them, since when searching for a card they would be presented with both boards, and that could lead to mistakes.


Help appreciated.

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Hannah Humbert - Simpla Workflows
Community Leader
Community Leader
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December 2, 2021

Hi Rui! Welcome to the community :) if you have a paid Trello subscription, you can invite these people as observers to the parent board and update the board settings to prevent them from commenting on cards. Observers can be added as members to cards, so Unito will sync the member to the card in the parent board.

However, these members will now see the card twice as you mentioned, so they'll get notified from both boards, and will see it twice when searching for the card. If the purpose is just to see who's assigned to what from the parent board, you could try a couple of alternatives:

1. Map the member field from the origin board to the description footer in the parent board. This will then show the member as a string of text at the bottom of the description when you open the card.

2. If you need to see the member on the front of the card, you could look at setting up an automation to auto-label cards when a member is added to a card. So, for example, let's say you add "Rui" as a member of a card in a team board, a "Rui" label will be auto-applied to the card (you can make this grey so it doesn't show on the front of the card, this label then syncs to the parent board, and you then see a "Rui" label on the card in the parent board (this can be a colored label so you see it on the front of the card. Happy to provide more detail if that sounds like a viable option!


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