Capturing a Moment in Time

Jodi_LeBlanc Community Leader Feb 09, 2020

When I was little my Mom bought me a School Days book, which had a page for each year from pre-kindergarten to University. Each page is an envelope where you could add photos, report cards, artwork, awards, special events and memories etc. A few months ago I took the book out and it was in pretty bad shape, it was so overstuffed that the binding had come apart and the pages were getting worn.


I went through the contents of each year and decided to digitize it. I have friends' that have had water damage in the past and some that have had house fires and these precious memories were destroyed as a result. 

I created a School Days Trello Board, and I used the card template feature to recreate the questions for each year, and then added the contents of each yearly envelope. It was neat to go back through memory lane and relive all the memories. 

grade 1 to 7.png

grade 8 to uni.png

I even decided to go through my old yearbooks and a Rubbermaid tote I have of memories, photos, ceramics my Mom made for me, and books I wrote as a child. Time goes by so fast, and memories begin to fade, so this process refreshed my bank of memories. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten a few of the names of my teachers, thankfully their names were recorded in the book. 


One trend I noticed was I wanted to be a nurse all my life (just like my Mom), but after visiting Sea World and Marine Land, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, and then a Vet for many years as well after volunteering at Vet Clinics and the Atlantic Vet College. All career choices that helped others (people or animals). 

It was neat to see that I also wanted to be an artist, writer, baseball player, and teacher over the years. A colleague once said that we need to look back on our happiest memories as a child, and the things we loved to do, and then try to replicate those things in our adult life. Glad I am getting the opportunity to teach via the Canada School of Public Service, and write articles for Atlassian Authors via this Community. I may start going to more baseball games in the summer, and perhaps start painting again (just for fun) as I loved taking art classes as a child, especially using the acrylics and oil pastels.

For those of you who may want to do a School Day board for yourself or for your children, I would also recommend the Kid's Artwork & School Memories
by Heather Farris, CEO of The Balanced Mommas which was previously showcased on the Trello Inspiration page. I know that parents want to hang on to everything their child creates, but this can take up a lot of space over the years, perhaps you and your child could pick out 10 (or more) of their favourite pieces each year and capture them in a Trello board for them to look back on in years to come. 

kids artwork.png

Capturing the moments in time -we all know they go by in a snap of a finger.

Have you created a board like this for yourself or your family? Or perhaps a portfolio board for your activities and accomplishments in more recent days? Would love for your to share how you keep your memories safeguarded and organized.


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Erica Moss Community Manager Feb 10, 2020

@Jodi_LeBlanc Totally living for these throwback Jodi photos! And I, of course, love the idea of capturing memories on a Trello board. @Esme Crutchley, be sure to check this out!

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Esme Crutchley Community Leader Feb 10, 2020

Thanks @Erica Moss - you're right, I needed to check this out

Yet another stunning board from @Jodi_LeBlanc 


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Jodi_LeBlanc Community Leader Feb 10, 2020

Thanks to you both! ♡ LOL those throwback photos are pretty hilarious but thought I would post them for a few smiles and laughs lol


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