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[CLOSED] Be the first: Atlassian University's beta program for new Cloud Certifications

Thank you Cloud Certs Beta-617x329.png

Are you a Jira Cloud enthusiast? Atlassian University is launching our first Cloud certifications, and we need your help beta testing these new credentials. we thank all of you who participated as beta testers!

⚠️ Due to high demand, this beta program ended on September 1. Pre-registration for the standard exam will begin on September 15, 2020.

We're leaving the information on this page live, so you can understand how our beta programs work, and still understand how to choose the right Cloud Certification for you.

Beta participants enjoyed limited-time offers, plus a chance to contribute to improving the overall experience for others.

We are were actively seeking beta testers for these new Cloud Certifications:




  • Beta exams are the standard exam length. No extra questions.**

  • Beta testers have the unique opportunity to provide comments during the exam.

  • All exams are now proctored online.





ACP-JCA Jira Cloud Administrator (Exam ACP-120)


This Certification is right for you if:

  • You live day-to-day in the Jira admin user interface.

  • You can administer and customize the Jira application.

  • You have the skills needed to optimize and maintain Jira for any development or business team.

  • You’re a guru when it comes to permissions, workflows, security, project schemes and system settings.

1-2 years of experience administering Jira Cloud is recommended before taking the preparation course and exam.


ACP-MJCP Managing Jira Cloud Projects (Exam ACP-620)


This Certification is right for you if:

  • You live day-to-day in Jira boards and filters.

  • You understand why, where and how to make configuration changes.

  • You hold the key to your projects' permissions, access and roles.

  • You can interpret reports to optimize your teams' efficiency.

Six months' exposure to Jira Cloud is recommended before taking the training course and exam.




Early Registration
July 14 through August 7

Beta Testing Period
August 7 through September 15

Beta registration is now closed.***

Standard Exam: Early Registration
September 15 through late October

Standard Exam
Testing begins in late October




Ask away in the comments below.



* Exam vouchers will be issued within one business day of your course enrollment

** Beta exam scores and Certifications will be released after the beta period ends.

*** The last day to register was August 31 at 12pm, Pacific Time



Hi, @Ben Thoma !

This is great news!

Do these exams (ACP-120 / ACP-620) have an impact on earning the Atlassian Certified Master designation?

In my case, I already have ACP-100, ACP-400 and ACP-600 certificates.


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Julia Atlassian Team Jul 14, 2020

Hi @Alexander Bondarev ,

AC-JPA Certification (ACP-600) does not count toward ACM because it's a subset of ACP-100. 

The 2 new Cloud credentials both count toward ACM.

ACP-120 --> Leads to ACP-JCA Atlassian Certified Jira Cloud Administrator

ACP-620 --> Leads to ACP-JCP Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Cloud Projects

If you earn them both you will become an Atlassian Certified Master. :)

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How long are the certifications good for?

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Will these new courses count towards requirements for the 4 certified individuals to get Gold status?

If not, when will they be included?

Hi, Will these new courses renew acp 300 and acp 600?

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Ben Thoma Atlassian Team Jul 15, 2020

@Kristin Lyons Certifications need to be renewed within 24 months to remain active.

Atalie Atlassian Team Jul 15, 2020

@FEDERICO SPAGOCCI - No, they will not renew those certifications, but Skills Badges will. Let us know if you need further guidance on how to renew your certifications. You can reach us at our Certification Service Desk

Atalie Atlassian Team Jul 15, 2020

@Jeff Audette - Yes, these new beta exams will count toward the Partner certification requirements. Note that beta exam results won't be available until after September so keep that in mind if you have a Partner deadline. 

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Got registered! Thank you Atlassian!!

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Im a Jira Cloud enthusiast! Then I'm in already!

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Does beta certificaton mean not-yet-accredited certification if I pass during the test-period? Will it become to equal to the other diplomas, like ACP-100, ACP-200, ACP-300? Or this is already the same amount then them when I pass the exam?
Thank you for your answer

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Ben Thoma Atlassian Team Jul 17, 2020

@Mária Koháry The beta period means the exam is open to suggestions by beta participants and could change a bit before becoming generally available. The Certification will be as valid as any other, and it will be awarded after the beta period is over, given you pass the exam. Let me know if that's clear.

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Atalie Atlassian Team Jul 17, 2020

@Mária Koháry - If you pass the beta exams, then you will earn the certification. Passing ACP-120 beta exam will earn you the ACP-JCA certification; Passing ACP-620 beta exam will earn you the ACP-JCP certification. If you pass, the new certifications will show up in your Certification Portal account just like all your other certifications. Note that beta exam results will not be available until after September 2020 which means these certifications will not show up until after September 2020. 

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Hi, During the beta test, how many tests can be taken? only one or more than one included in the voucher?

ACP - 120 also Includes a chance to re-take the exam for free—available only to beta participants as the other?

May I know how much is the passing score in ACP-JCA120. In the site I can see that passing score is TBD.

Also I could see a retake option for ACP-JCA620 ,do we have such an option in ACP-JCA120.


Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Jul 18, 2020

I currently hold


Which would be the best to go for out of these new Cloud credentials?

ACP-JCA seems like a lightweight version of JSD (more focussed on general management without any link to JS or JSD) and ACP-JCP seems to be a cloud version of ACP-JSW.

My focus is mainly towards JSD so will there also be a ACP-JCSD or something like that? :)

I feel to diversify as much as possible perhaps a JCP certification would allow me to cover both JSD, Confluence and then get my JSW credential on Cloud. This might give me a good basis for both Cloud & Server for all 3 products on both technologies (aslong as I keep in mind the differences between the Cloud and Server roadmap)



Julia Atlassian Team Jul 19, 2020

@FEDERICO SPAGOCCI , You can take each beta test one time.  The free retake (after the beta test) only applies to ACP-620 Managing Jira Cloud Projects.  

Julia Atlassian Team Jul 19, 2020

@Akshay J , the passing score for a beta test is not determined until after the beta period ends.  In the weeks immediately following the beta, Atlassian will select the best questions, and score your results based only on those.  The passing score is determined and applied at that time.  

Hi All,

Can someone help here? Or indicate who to reach out? 

For ACP-620 course, Lab workbook says: "To log in during the labs you'll need each user's email address and the password. You should have received this information after registering for the course."

I didnt receive any. During the demos session its being said, this info would be in the lab workbook .... 


Thanks in advance for your support

@Patricia Francezi  All of the exercises in the lab workbook indicate which fictitious user account(s) the students should log in as (there are 4 different user accounts used in the labs).  Students receive the actual login credentials for these accounts as part of the registration process. If you did not receive an email with the login credentials, then something might be amiss in the registration process. So please log a support ticket here (under Training and Certification) with all the details. Thank you.

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@Dirk Ronsmans Neither of the two new credentials in beta have any content specific to JSD.  The ACP-JCA covers much more breadth and depth of Jira Cloud than does ACP-JCP, so if you're looking to learn something from the prep course, and get certified to boot, then I would recommend that one. Both of them have a lot of overlap with respect to configuring projects and project schemes. I hope that helps. If not, let me know a bit more specifically what you're looking for. Thanks.

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Jul 22, 2020

Hi @Joanna Thurmann ,

Thank you for the feedback. I get that they don't cover anything specific  to JSD.

My personal goal is having a broad knowledge of the stack.  (JSD/JS/Confluence), I'm a consultant with client on both server/datacenter and cloud environments so to also have some Cloud credentials and perhaps pick up some more info on JS.

It seems ACP-JCA seems to one to go then. Some general knowledge on Cloud (more than ACP-JCP) and also JS knowledge.


@Dirk Ronsmans yes, ACP-JCA is a good choice. Good luck and keep us posted in community :-)

Hi  @Joanna Thurmann and @Julia ,

I currently have ACP-100 and ACP-600 certificates.  I am interested in the ACP-JCA, but I have never used or administered a Jira Cloud instance.  Would the Cloud Prep and my experience as a server admin be enough to score well on the ACP-JCA test?  I'm guessing there would be plenty of overlap.


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