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Building a better Atlassian University for you

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A new learning experience is on the way here!

This June, Atlassian University will unveil a brand new learning experience. You can look forward to:

  • an all-new platform and website for learning content
  • an improved user experience for finding and tracking the training you and your teams need most
  • new foundation courses with engaging interactivity
  • a brand-new look, reflective of how smart you are

Do you want to be among the first to experience the new Atlassian University? Apply to take part in a limited beta program. Thank you to everyone who helped with our beta!

Have you purchased and used Training Credits in the past? You'll want to watch our informational webinar and demo about upcoming changes to the way Training Credits will be purchased and redeemed.



June 17

  • Our new look and experience will be unveiled
  • New, paid course enrollments and Training Credit purchases/redemptions will pause
  • A select number of free course enrollments will be available on our new site
  • Courses you are currently enrolled in will continue to be available on our current site

Click here to read all about it

July 1

  • Our full catalog will be available for purchase on our new site
  • Training credit purchases and redemptions resume

July 15

  • Our current site will be retired
  • Any active course enrollment will be transferred and accessed on our new site
  • All course enrollment, purchasing, and learning will happen on our new site



What is changing/what's not changing?

Our look and URL will be completely new. We will set up page redirects to make the transition smooth, but we'll always appreciate your feedback if you find a corner of the site that isn't working.

We will have new Fundamentals offerings for Jira and Confluence in the early days, with many new courses to follow. We will retire a few of our titles based on past interest and enrollment.

Current Certifications are not changing. Our current catalog of Certifications, their exams, and titles will not change. We continue to work towards new credential offerings in the near future.

Training Credits will have a new purchase and redemption experience, including a great way to assign individuals on your team training to courses with Training Credits. Our webinar will cover that in more detail.

What happens to my current courses and Certifications?

We'll bring them to the new experience for you! If you are currently learning with an On Demand course on our current site, just keep at it. You'll have access to it there until July 15. After that, we'll have your current courses available on the new site, so you can continue learning there.

Certifications will not be impacted by this new experience. Your current Certs and Skills Badges are administered through a platform that isn't changing with this update. We will provide an improved way to find/understand Certifications and the exam preparation process on our new site.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to use the comment area below to ask away. As we get closer to our key dates, watch this Training & Certification space on Community for more updates!


The University team is happy to answer any questions you might have. Fire away! smile

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader May 24, 2021

This is really cool! I have signed up for the beta program.  One question I do have is will the record of course I have completed be transferred over to the new experience?

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Ben Thoma Atlassian Team May 24, 2021

@Jimmy Seddon Great question! The answer is "yes!" but we will need a few weeks to migrate that historic data. Our goal is to make sure all current and new courses you have enrolled in are transferred and ready, first.

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Hana Kučerová Community Leader May 24, 2021

I can't wait to see it! I have also signed up for the beta program.

Just one small thing - after I've applied I got the thank you message related to study group cohort leader, not the beta program. Please check it. Thanks a lot.

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Really looking forward to the new interface.

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looking forward to that :)

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Ben Thoma Atlassian Team May 24, 2021

Thank you @Hana Kučerová — I fixed that message. Appreciate you flagging it with us!

Like Hana Kučerová likes this

Hi, Thank you for the exciting changes.

When will be the details of beta program will be shared.

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Ben Thoma Atlassian Team May 24, 2021

@Suresh Patra It's going to be a limited program, so we'll reach out by email if you are selected. There's no previous experience with Atlassian University necessary. We are just keeping it small and will look to select participants across a range of use cases. Thanks for your interest!

Like Suresh Patra likes this

Thank you Ben For the details 

Like Ben Thoma likes this

Cool, looking forward!

Like Ben Thoma likes this

"We will retire a few of our titles based on past interest and enrollment."

Any chance we can get a list of what will be retired in case we want to check them out before they are gone?

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Esther Strom Community Leader May 26, 2021

Will this have any effect on the Accelerator study groups and students' access to their training materials and courses?

Hi @Ben Thoma 


Thank you so much for this information and for the changes!

Like Ben Thoma likes this
Ben Thoma Atlassian Team May 27, 2021

@Esther Strom No effect on your access to materials, but after July 15 you'll have to head to our new site to access them. Our plan is to have all active enrollments ready for you before that date.

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Ben Thoma Atlassian Team May 27, 2021

@Dharma Ramos & @Flavien Gache I see you both… working on it.

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Will the same or better free training be available?

@Charles Burns Now you know that's a bit subjective, but we think that everyone will enjoy the new training "better." 😉 We can't change all of out training content overnight, so some of the current, free training content will be in there, for sure, but we're certainly excited about the new, free content we'll be able to share.

As with any big change, we have many moving pieces and our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible, overall.

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Ben Thoma Atlassian Team May 28, 2021

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in our beta program. We've now closed the application form, and we'll be communicating by email about our next steps in the first week of June.

Hi, I would like to take up a couple of the AU courses to learn Jira and Confluence for PM. I have just realised that the site is getting updated. Will there be On-Demand courses available when the new site is released?

Ben Thoma Atlassian Team Jun 01, 2021

Hi @Preeta Panicker — yes, we will have On Demand courses in our new experience. If you are looking to learn Jira and Confluence, you don't need to wait! You'll be able to continue learning with any course enrollment through the transition period. If you have more specific questions, please let me know.

Ben Thoma Atlassian Team Jun 11, 2021

@Dharma Ramos & @Flavien Gache — I have posted the retiring course titles here. And will update this article text with a link to the same info.

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Hi @Ben ThomaI am registered to take the ACP-100 exam based on Jira 1 and 2 admin courses, on July 3rd. The exam shows up on the psiexams website, but it doesn't show up on your new exam screens. I'm assuming that I should just proceed and take the exam through the PSI website. Is that correct? 

Hi @Jay Moczulski — sorry if this page wasn't visible earlier, but you should be able to get all the info you need about the exam here, including the link to schedule your exam.

Additionally, we have this page, which details the scheduling, and exam experience.

Let me know if that helps!

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If you are watching this Community article, I have great news:

Our new learning experience is live!

Read more about it, including how you can enroll in 5 free on demand courses from now until July 1, 2021.


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