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For the last two months, we've been on the road for the Team Tourhalf-day events around the world with presentations from Atlassians and local customers. We shared new features, team practices, and helped users to connect with teams in their community. It was great to hear how you use our products, what helps you most, and what's holding you back. 

Our first 8 cities (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) explored the theme of "Tools & Practices" and how the right tools, paired with team practices, can strengthen teams. We've received a lot of requests for our presentation slides and are excited to share them with you here!


We announced updates on our latest Cloud products for Stride, Trello, and Jira Software. New features were highlighted for our Server products such as Canned Responses in Jira Service Desk, Smart Mentions in Confluence, and Priorities per Project in Jira Software. 

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You can see the slides here and watch the video here.

Scaling Atlassian applications for the enterprises

We gave an update from the latest Server and Data Center product features that help enterprises scale rapidly and deliver products and services to market faster.


You can see the slides here and watch the video here.

How Atlassian teams are winning with the Team Playbook

At Atlassian, we collected the every-day techniques our best teams use into the Team Playbook. It's our way of scaling smart practices and fostering a culture of continuous improvement throughout the company as we grow. We highlighted five techniques that your team can use right away to do the best work of your lives.

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You can see the slides here and watch the video here.

Customer Sessions

In addition to Atlassian speakers, we also had local customers speak at each stop on the tour. A few of our featured speakers are:

eBay: Hubert Kut presented how Jira is used for onboarding new employees. Putting a standardized process into Jira helped them to be more transparent and not to forget to order a new laptop or desk - it simplified the team's daily work.

Air France: Air France KLM is a world leader in its three main businesses – passenger transportation, cargo transportation and aeronautics maintenance. Fred Leroy, their head of IT and an AUG leader, talked about how business and development teams at Air France KLM work together more closely, with increased visibility and transparency by using Atlassian.

Open Banking: The goal of Open Banking is to give customers greater control over their money—from sharing their account data, to managing their money, to changing banks that will better suit their needs. The movement, which went into full swing on January 13 with the PSD2 legislation, has the potential to fundamentally disrupt how banks operate in the UK. Open Banking Limited is the non-profit tasked with setting the API standards for UK banks under the PSD2 order and ensuring compliance. Chris Michael, their CTO, shared how their use of Confluence, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk are imperative to transforming the UK banking industry.

Indeed: Indeed faced the challenge that product changes needed to be reviewed by the legal depatement, but not all changes were relevant for review. Renee Trepagnier shared how her team created a workflow in Jira to forward changes that really needed to be reviewed, reducing the number of reviews dramatically and making both the developers and the legal department happy! 

Adobe, Fox, LinkedIn, Lyft Customer panel: As we were connecting with our California customers about participating in Team Tour, there were so many terrific stories, we couldn't choose just one customer to speak! So, we invited a panel of customers from Adobe, Fox, Linkedin, and Lyft to talk about how they're using Atlassian products and the practices they've implemented to help them scale.

SAP Fieldglass: SAP Fieldglass recently upgraded its legacy ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) toolset to Atlassian tools for ~2,000 users. They started the adoption process in 2016 and went live Fall 2017. SAP Fieldglass wanted more control, transparency, and collaboration between teams. Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo allowed the teams to have greater control over the release process, and increased transparency, resulting in a streamlined operation. Krishna Noyad told the story of how the team at SAP Fieldglass, using Atlassian tools, has improved efficiency and enhanced collaboration.

Your Questions Answered

For most of the cities, we did a live Q&A session at the end of the day where attendees asked questions via an online form and we answered the most popular ones. We recieved over 350+ submissions and answered the top ten ones:

Q1. Will Cloud and Server features continue to diverge?

Atlassian is committed to developing across all of our deployment options, and have strong engineering teams working on our Cloud, Server, and Data Center products. Each deployment option prioritizes their roadmap independently based on customer requirements and use cases.

Q2. Will Trello be available to Server?

Trello was developed as a cloud-native product, and we do not have plans to build a self-hosted version. Currently, we are investing heavily in making Trello even more awesome by adding features like new admin and security controls that our Business and Enterprise Tier customers care most about.

Q3. Will Jira Software and Trello merge into one product?

Jira Software and Trello will stay as two separate products serving different use cases. We will continue to help customers leverage both tools by offering integrations and data sync. 

Jira Software is best in class for software developers. It's greatif you're working on a software project that requires: specific workflows, versions, priorities, epics, features, sprint reports, etc.

Trello is a horizontal tool for all teams across a business as well as personal use cases.

Q4. Will the new Jira Software Cloud UI make its way to Jira Software Server?

The new user interface and functionality is being gradually rolled out to Jira Software Cloud users, and we are eager to hear their feedback. We've learned that our self-hosted customers have slightly different priorities than teams in the cloud, and we will take that feedback and decide how to prioritize bringing the updates to our self-hosted products within 6 months of the completed roll-out to our cloud users.

Q5. How does Trello / Stride integrate with Jira and Confluence Datacenter or Server behind the firewall?

The Stride team is hard at work on building integrations with Jira Server and Confluence Server and we'll let you know as soon as they're ready! In the meantime, we suggest using this Codebarrel integration to connect Jira Server to Stride.

Trello already has an integration (Power-Up) for Jira Server. The Server has to be accessible from the internet.

Currently, there are Power-Ups for Jira Data Center, Confluence Server, or Confluence Data Center. It is not in the roadmap at this moment but we constantly access based on customer requirements and use cases

Q6. When and how can we do migrate from Hipchat to Stride.

We are upgrading Hipchat Cloud teams to Stride over the next few months. Admins of Hipchat teams will get an email from us when it's their time to upgrade.

We will also email and alert all their end users about the upcoming move and give them everything they need.

We will migrate all their Hipchat teammates, rooms, chats, message history, and files to Stride for them, so they don't need to do a thing.

When their upgrade time comes, they just log in with the same credentials they used for Hipchat. Every conversation they had and file they shared will be there waiting for them.

Learn more in our Help Center (includes an upgrading guide).

Q7. Is Stride more expensive than Hipchat?

Hipchat Plus is $2/user/month and Stride Standard is $3/user/month. Migrating Hipchat Plus teams will get grandfather pricing of $2/user/month until June 30, 2019.

Here is what is included in Stride Standard at a price of $3/user per month:

  • Everything in Stride Free
  • Advanced Stride Meetings
  • Group screen sharing
  • Remote desktop control
  • Unlimited file sharing and storage
  • Unlimited apps and bots
  • Unlimited message history

Q8. Hundreds of users in Hipchat, what will happen to all rooms and integrations after migrating to Stride ?

We will migrate all their Hipchat teammates, rooms, chats, message history, and files to Stride for them, so they don't need to do a thing.

Since Stride has a brand new API, we cannot transfer their Hipchat integrations to Stride. They can check the Atlassian Marketplace to see all available Stride integrations. They will have o configure them when they get to Stride.

For migrating Hipchat users, Hipchat will remain in "read-only mode" after their upgrade so that they can continue to get integration alerts (this helpful if those integrations are not yet available on Stride).

Q9. With multiple teams, how do you find the balance between between standardising on common best practices, and also allowing individual teams the flexibility to adjust process to fit their circumstance?

With Team Health and Practices, there is no "best practice" as it is dependent on your environment, challenges, and appetite for change. We do explore areas of standardisation, but this tends to be driven by teams who are seeing the benefit of doing things "the same". Even where we standardise, these tend to be guidelines and disciplines that still allow teams to be flexible and adapt, without reinventing the wheel every time.

Q10. When are you going to incorporate Team Health into Confluence / Jira?

The Team Health Monitors and many of the Plays already exist as Confluence blueprints, available on Cloud and Server to download free of charge.


Check out more photos on our Twitter hashtag #AtlassianTeamTour


Thank you to everyone that came to our past 8 Team Tour events, and we look forward to seeing you in Sydney and New York City in April, where we will explore the Future of Teamwork.

Did you go to one of our Team Tour events? What was your favorite part? Share your thoughts and photos with us here.

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