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Webhook: No incident-post when creating new incident

Thor Kristian Sortevik January 19, 2021


I am trying to learn about webhooks in Statuspage. I am using Microsoft Power Automate to recieve webhooks from a Statuspage (page 2), and I want to update a component on our Statuspage (page 1).

When I create a new incident on "Page 2", a webhook is sent to the webhook-enpoint provided. But it only contains a component update, and no information about the created incident. 

If I make a few changes to the Incident, for instance change the status to "monitoring", the webhook is sending me a JSON containing information about the incident. 


So what could be the issue here? 

- The endpoint is working, I am recieving webhooks

- I recieve both component and incident updates

- Incident update is not sent when the incident is created

- I have checked the "Send notifications" box when creating the incident.


JSON from the webhook when i create a new incident:

"meta": {
"unsubscribe": "",
"documentation": "",
"generated_at": "2021-01-19T08:26:09.069Z"
"page": {
"id": "**********",
"status_indicator": "minor",
"status_description": "Partially Degraded Service"
"component": {
"status": "degraded_performance",
"name": "Test",
"created_at": "2020-12-10T13:51:35.689Z",
"updated_at": "2021-01-19T08:26:07.921Z",
"position": 10,
"description": null,
"showcase": false,
"start_date": "2020-12-08T23:00:00.000Z",
"id": "*********",
"page_id": "**************",
"group_id": null
"component_update": {
"old_status": "operational",
"new_status": "degraded_performance",
"created_at": "2021-01-19T08:26:07.927Z",
"component_type": "Component",
"state": "sn_created",
"id": "*********",
"component_id": "********"


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Thor Kristian Sortevik January 19, 2021

The issue is solved, it was probably something wrong with the JSON schema .

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Thor Kristian Sortevik January 19, 2021

Hi again, I want to provide an update. I tried to use the Statuspage app for Microsoft Teams. I understand it is based on webhooks as well. 

When i created an incident i Statuspage. It posted an incident in Teams right away. So probably, there is something wrong in my configuration in Power Automate. 

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