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Stauspage gets refreshed every 60 second. so, is there anyway to stop it or change the timing?

Stauspage gets refreshed every 60 second. so, is there anyway to stop it or change the timing?

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Scot Wilson Atlassian Team Nov 07, 2021

G'day Saddan.
I'm Scot from the Statuspage Support teams and I'd like to let you know how our page refresh works.

Straight out - there's no way to customise the refresh rate per status page. 

We do live updates (aka refresh) a status page every 60 seconds when there's a "live incident" occurring in the page, which would be an incident that is not yet in the Resolved state or a scheduled maintenance that is in progress. 

For a page that is idle, that is with no active incidents or maintenances, we check to see if there has been any updates every 60 seconds. If there has been an update, then at that point we will trigger a page refresh.

So we're cannot change the refresh rate, but we only do these page refreshes when there is an active incidents or when there has been an update on your page, so your page viewers get an update of your status without needing to initiate a page refresh.

Kind Regards,

Hi Scot,

For the page id "sd1vl4q7mw8c", we are not updating any apis, still the page is getting refresh every 60 seconds. but according to your answer it should get refresh only when there is an update on page.

so, can you please tell why it is behaving different?



Scot Wilson Atlassian Team Dec 07, 2021

G'day Saddan!

I'm really interested to understand why this is behaving differently. I created a page with the same Trial plan you're on, and using Chrome Developer tools, I was able to see it was calling my page's Status API (https://<statuspage url>/api/v2/status.json) to check if any changes had occurred and not refreshing as the page had not updated.

What do I mean by Status API? Your page has two sets of APIs associated with it - The Manage APIs which allow you to manage the contents of your page programatically, and publicly available Status APIs to query the status of your page. These APIs are not rate-limited, and you can find the documentation and functionality for them by appending "/api" at the end of your Statuspage base URL.

Could you be so kind as to open another tab and browse to the URL https://<Your Statuspage URL>/api/v2/status.json - This will return a JSON message containing the field updated_at, which will show when the Statuspage was last updated. Your statuspage calls this API every minute after loading, and if the updated_at value does not change, it should not refresh your page. If it has changed then it will trigger a page refresh at the next check by your statuspage.

What I would like you to confirm is that this value is not changing, but we're still seeing a page-refresh being initiated in your browser development tools. If you are seeing this - would you please raise a ticket through so our support engineers can work directly with you to investigate this in detail.


Hi Scot,

Yes the field updated_at is not changing but we are still seeing a page-refresh being initiated in browser.

I am raising a ticket through




Scot Wilson Atlassian Team Dec 29, 2021

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to provide an update, in case you were searching community for this situation/question and wanted to know the results of our investigations.

Normally what will happen is when your Statuspage loads is that it will make a request to the public status.json API for your Statuspage at the end of the page load and cache this value. If there is no incident for your page, this request will be run every minute and we'll compare the values to see if it has changed and a page reload is required.

For most browsers/proxy configurations -  you'll get a HTTP 304 code for your status.json API call, as nothing will have changed, unless you've specified no-cache in your HTTP headers in which case you will receive a HTTP 200 code.

What you do need to be wary of is if your network/proxy configuration is changing the JSON payload you're receiving - either through compressing it or truncating it or some other activity which results in not returning the JSON in a consistent manner. The page will believe the status has changed and trigger a reload in this case.

You can isolate this behaviour by accessing the Statuspage from a different network (one with a different proxy/connection to the internet) to identify if issues like this belong to one particular network or proxy configuration.

Hope that helps in your own investigations,
Scot Wilson.

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