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Highlights from 2018: What we built in Statuspage

We’re in the final days of 2018. Whoa! As we wrap up another year, we want to recap some of the things we’ve done in Statuspage to make incident communication easier. Our #1 goal is to help our customers build trust through every incident, and we shipped a handful of features to do just that.

Let’s dive right in!

A better email notification experience

You’ve always been able to customize your status page, and now you can customize the notifications your subscribers receive during incidents. You can add a logo, a reply to email address, and a footer message to align with your company’s brand. Learn more.

We also completely redesigned the email notifications and improved the way we thread incident and maintenance notification emails. Now, emails from the same incident will be threaded by subject line.

screen-shot-2018-10-01-at-4.15.27-pm-1159x1000 (1).png

Edit historical uptime / downtime to show the most accurate information

Previously, historical uptime/downtime was not editable in the Uptime Showcase. You couldn’t retroactively add downtime if you forgot to update your status page, and you couldn’t fix erroneous downtime if you accidentally forgot to flip a component back to “operational”. Now, you can edit the previous 90 days of your uptime/downtime so your status page always shows the most accurate information. Learn more.

Edit Uptime Showcase-small (1).gif


Custom Twitter images + threaded tweets

The Statuspage/Twitter integration lets you opt to push incident notifications into your Twitter account. Previously, each incident update was treated as a new thread. Now, each Tweet during an incident is bundled up into a single thread, making it easier for Twitter users to see the full context of the incident.

We also added the ability to add a custom image to the Tweet card. The default image is the Statuspage logo, but you can change this to your own logo or whatever image you want to use. Learn more.


Set timezones for individual pages instead of the entire account

Previously, timezones were set at the account level. This meant if you had multiple pages under your account, each page was on the same timezone. Now, timezones can be set at the page level under “Status Page Info”. Learn more.


Improved API documentation

We launched a new API documentation site with comprehensive information about the API endpoints. Check out for the updated docs.


Free HTTPS on custom domains

We switched SSL certificate providers which allows us to offer free HTTPS on custom domains. Learn more.

Image 2018-12-20 at 9.33.44 AM (1).png

Postmortem improvements

Postmortems help you tell your users what went wrong and what you’re doing in the future to avoid the same problem. We launched a new text editor to make writing and formatting postmortems easier. Learn more.

We also added the ability to publish postmortems using the API. Learn more.


Jira Service Desk Server Integration

The JSD integration lets you surface incidents and degraded components directly on the customer portal. We added support for the JSD integration to work with JSD Server. Check it out.


A new dashboard experience + apps page

We removed the “Dashboard” page and made the “Incidents” page the default landing page. Now, when you login, you land right where you need to be in the event of an incident.

We also enabled some of the “add-ons” by default and housed third-party integrations under a new section called “Apps”. Learn more.


A new workflow for using incidents & components

Creating an incident and updating the status of a component used to be separate workflows. We’ve improved this experience by uniting components with incidents. Now, components are updated directly within the incident creation workflow. 


Thanks for a great year!

We really value user feedback, and many of the items above were influenced by our customers. Thank you for helping us make a better product, and thank you for another great year!

Happy Holidays from Statuspage :) 




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