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oAuth error: Unable to get secret


Source tree version 3.2.6 (Windows) not able to authenticate with Bitbucket.

While refreshing token it gives the following error. The button click does not open bitbcuket url instead open some localhost url http://localhost:34106 and show the below error message 

Authentication failed

Unable to get secret

Error Reading JObject from JsonReader. Path '', line 0, position 0

4 answers

I am on Windows 7 x64, Java 1.8.0_221. This problem was repeatable on multiple versions of SourceTree going back from 3.3.8 down to 3.1.3. I started an upgrade to Java and mysteriously OAuth began working again. FWIW YMMV.


thx. bruh! it worked.


can't running sourcetee 3.3.8 version on my Windows 7 x64.

so, remove sourcetree 3.3.8 version then I jre latest version upgrade.

and then sourcetree 3.1.3 turn back installed.

it worked for me!!

Also started having error "Error Reading JObject from JsonReader.."

Started with trying to add another github oauth account. It is mighty unclear where the oauth procedure fetches its account??? And it is not clear if you can have two different oauth definitions and if they can target the same github acount??

Why and when do you need to add the account to the repository url? There must be many ways to communicate to sourcetree what account you want to use in current session/project.

Recovered from the "Error Reading JObject" -error by opening Sourcetree options - git and scrolling down to find button "Update Embedded" and if the fully automatic installation completes without error the problem may be fixed.

Sometimes the installation ends with and error and sometimes I have had TLS errors. (Maybe randomly locked by virus protection or Windows indexing and other horrors that can lock files)

Switching to "System" based Git version and back again seems to fix installation errors and when accounts a bit messed up.


this didn't work for me...

Following solution worked for me

1. Open SoureceTree Options Window (Tools > Options)

2. Go to Network Tab

3. Proxy server settings

                  select use default os settings

                  select add proxy server config to git/mercurial

Please note - I am using a proxy server and trying to authenticate  with bitbucket over SSH

I have the same problem. A more detailed explanation of my symptoms:

  • I connect to Sourcetree/Bitbucket with my Google account, so I can't use basic authentication as I don't have a bitbucket password. So I need to connect with OAuth, Basic authentication won't work
  • I deleted all Sourcetree passwords from Windows Credential Manager, as explained here, but it didn't help
  • I also deleted the passwrd file in Local folder, as explained here, but it didn't help
  • I now have no account at all on Sourcetree. I open Sourcetree, try to create an account, click on 'Refresh OAuth Token', the 'Confirm Access to your Account' page pops up, I grant access. 'Authentication is successful' shows up on browser side, I get the error as described on the 'Edit Hosting Account' menu.
  • If I retry to Refresh OAuth Token, I am asked to confirm access again,
  • Strangely, even though I revoke access to Sourcetree for Windows through Bitbucket website > Bitbucket settings > OAuth, every time I try to get an OAuth authentication it shows up there.
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Deleted user Dec 09, 2019

The same, even after disabling proxy, changing network connections..

Miraculously it started working fine after a day. No idea how it started working. give it some time and check back.

I take back my answer. Again same issue

I'm having the same issue starting a few days ago.

same problem

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