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SourceTree Authentication Issues

Dean Kinane August 11, 2017

I updated to version today and now I can't perform any git operations with SourceTree.

I get the error:

Invalid username or password. If you log in via a third party service you must ensure you have an account password set in your account profile.

I have opened Tools>Options>Authentication and ensured my credentials are valid. I've tried using Basic and OAuth and in both cases SourceTree says "Authentication OK" but I still get the error when trying to push or pull.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


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Sean Winstead August 11, 2017

I upgraded to 2.1.10 just now and have not yet encountered an authentication problem.

When a person at our office encountered a credentials problem, for a release prior to 2.1.10, the solution that worked for us was to delete a file named passwd located in AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree.
My passwd file was zero bytes in length. His pwd file did have content and, after he deleted it, he could authenticate.

Before deleting the passwd file, we had tried the following with no success:

1. Re-entering credentials through the UI provided by SourceTree

2. Deleting the Windows Credentials stored in Windows by SourceTree.

Amnon August 11, 2017

I'm afraid that didn't work for me. It did prompt me for my password, but after I've entered it the problem recurred.

Sean Winstead August 11, 2017

The only other thought I have is to delete the Windows Credentials stored in Windows, delete the passwd file, then restart SourceTree. We had deleted the credentials before deleting the passwd file, and I am not sure if the problem was rectified by deleting the credentials and file, or deleting only the file.

Following is what I wrote down regarding the Windows Credentials. We are using Windows 10.

SourceTree stores credentials in the Windows credential manager. To see and remove them, do the following:

  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Click on User Accounts.

  3. In the left hand list of links, click Manage Your Credentials.

  4. When the Manage Your Credential page opens, it shows your Web Credentials. You can see that selected at the top of the page.

  5. Click the Windows Credentials "button". This shows your stored Windows credentials.

  6. In the list, look for entries that start with "git:http" and include your server name and/or user name for Atlassian Stash.

  7. Remove the entries.

laszlo-apro August 11, 2017

Worked for me! Thank you very much, Sean!

Thomas Larsen August 11, 2017

Thanks Sean!  Deleting the passwd file and removing the credentials in credential manager worked for me, too.

sirjioh August 11, 2017

For anyone using VSTS + SourceTree, I was able to follow Sean's instructions upto where SourceTree prompted me for the password. It failed to take my credentials because VSTS disabled my existing credential due to too many failed auth attempts (made by

At this point I had to go into VSTS > Code > Clone > Generate Git Credentials and create a new password.

I entered my newly generated password on the SourceTree prompt and it allowed me access.

Sean Winstead August 11, 2017

That is a really good point. We use Atlassian Stash (an old version of Atlassian BitBucket Server). When dealing with the credential issues, sometimes the operation in SourceTree failed due to too many failed logins. The git error messages shown by SourceTree did not make this obvious.

It was only the error messages shown by the Fetch operation that told us Atlassian Stash needed the user to verify they were human via Captcha. So we had to navigate to the user's detail page in Atlassian Stash and click the Clear Captcha button.

Sameer Argade August 14, 2017

Didn't work..

Amnon August 14, 2017

So I was able to sort it out just now, by going to Repository->Repository Settings, selecting my repository, and changing the username from my old Bitbucket username to my Atlassian account's email address. Then, following your original advice to remove the passwd file, I was able to successfully pull.


John Rempel August 16, 2017

This (deleting the passwd file) worked for me. Thank you.

Manjeesh Dev Mahadevan August 22, 2017

Deleting the password file worked for me. Thank You!

Matthew Duguay August 22, 2017

Thanks! This worked for me:

Close SourceTree

Delete Windows Credentials

Delete passwd file

Reopen SourceTree

Login when prompted

Bill Langton September 26, 2017

Same process listed by Matthew D, worked for me as well.

passwd file is in located in AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree.

Manuel Gonzalez Garcia December 13, 2017

You are my hero dude!

Pedro Mota August 7, 2018

Version 2.6.10: this works for this version, thank you very much!!

Spotline August 9, 2018

For me as well on 2.6.10, thank youuu (deleted pwd file & windows credentials)

GibranSimplix December 1, 2018

Sean!!! ... it worked for me to  in version!! Many thanks for the solution!! I lost 4 hours trying go solve it! ... and I would lose some more without your solution. Tks again!

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Dean Kinane August 14, 2017

Hi all

According to Atlassian this is an issue with the version of Git Credential Manager that's bundled with the software.

If you go to Tools>Options>Git>'Update Embedded Git' it should fix the issue for in version 2.1.10

Hope that helps.

cstrischek August 14, 2017

This worked for me. SourceTree on Windows. BitBucket authentication. I only encountered the issue on Push. 

edwarr99 August 14, 2017

This worked for me as well.  SourceTree on Windows.  Bitbucket authentication.  I encountered the issue on fetch and pull.  -- Thanks a bunch for the post.

Sameer Argade August 14, 2017

Didn't work, planning to reinstall the latest version, a bit frustrating

Sameer Argade August 14, 2017

Sorry it was update embedded git and after the update use embedded git that worked for me, thanks for the update.

Reem Hourieh August 17, 2017

At first I removed passwd located in AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree and this solved the sourcetree issue but I was still not able to pull or push using command line or any other git tool until I did this one as this update seems to have messed up my git.

MineaIT August 23, 2017

This worked for me. Thanks Dean!

sergiogman October 26, 2017

La solucion a mis problemas..


Tools>Options>Git>'Update Embedded Git'



timothep November 24, 2017

This was the solution for me as well with Sourcetree Version

Pedro Mota August 7, 2018

Version 2.6.10: don't work for this version

Михаил Агальцов May 24, 2022

Sourcetree v3.4.8 and deleting windows credentials and password file still works! Thank you so much.

It helped me to solve credentials saving problem with some local GitLab server. I noticed that now host for saved password looks like git.xxxxxx.xx But when I had to input credentials each time, there were http://, username, @ and some other parts in host name. So I think it gets corrupted somehow.

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Kirsten Greed October 5, 2017

I still have the issue after installing SourceTree

I am trying to update the Embedded Git.  Now I have a new Issue Unable to extract Portable.Git.7z This file is open as [PE] Archive

Kirsten Greed October 5, 2017

I closed source tree, and a few login dialogs that were beneath the window I closed.  Then I re-ran Update Embedded Git and finally it worked.

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Bill Langton March 20, 2019

Just ran into this AGAIN with V3.1.2. 

Fix for me:  Tools > options > Git, then Update Embedded.

Push again after update, was asked for pwd.  was ok after that.

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BadabingBreda December 18, 2017

I was about to kill myself over this. Only thing that worked in the end was removing the passwd file located here:


and restarting SourceTree. It asked for the password and it worked.

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megamindbrian November 9, 2017

Still getting this error.  This is awful.  I get multiple login popups constantly throughout the day.  Like source tree or Git is not saving my information at all.

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Kirsten Greed August 19, 2017

Where do I find the password file?

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David Friedrich August 11, 2017

I just had the same issue. I deleted the passwrd file and it solved the problem

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25copper August 11, 2017

Downgraded to version that is on the website. Started working again.

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Amnon August 11, 2017

Seconded (or is this fourthed at this point?). Updated to 2.1.10, and nothing works.

Tried refreshing the OAuth token through the options, but although the operation was successful, nothing changed.

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Peter Blomqvist August 11, 2017

I got the same problem after upgrading to 2.1.10.

But I downloaded SourceTree again (version from their web and installed that version. After that I don't have any problem with the authentication. I rejected the upgrade to 2.1.10 that came up...

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BrianInstagiv August 11, 2017

Having the exact same problem. Re-installed Souretree, declined the 'would you like to upgrade to 2.1.10' and everything works again.

sven boogaart August 11, 2017

Do you lose all your settings? I have setup some ppk connections etc and dont like reinstalling them. Where did you get a previous version?

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