Why does one of the moderators change the data of my post?

prilaga June 19, 2019

Hi, I found that one of my posts has been changed and the editing feature is disabled. Are moderators afraid of my text? I do not write anything forbidden. I see a very strange policy associated with the icon of the rainbow and pride. I also saw that some posts of other participants were deleted. I like the work of the company, but let's be open to everyone.

I will be happy if someone clarifies the behavior of the moderators or which paragraph of the rule has been violated.

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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June 19, 2019

It was me.

Part of your posting was offensive to some people here (including myself) and likely to attract unwelcome and noisy comments.  I removed the parts that people might find offensive, and left in the informative useful parts.

I do not believe you intended to be deliberately offensive.

But there are people here less thick-skinned than I who would be more offended, and we would prefer that we stick to the subject of Atlassian stuff, rather than polarise the community on something that's not really anything to do with the software.

prilaga June 19, 2019

Got it, thanks for the clarification. I respect the feelings of the people and your team! I did not intend to offend anyone. I just wanted to be able to disable or enable the app icon. And have the right to choose holidays. Because in my country people love New Year.

Thank you for understanding and have a good day!

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avide June 19, 2019

Funny you should mention that we should stick to the subject of Atlassian stuff and that we should not polarise the community when Atlassian did just that. Seems like double a standard to me. 


Just my 2c

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Earl McCutcheon
Atlassian Team
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June 19, 2019

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for your input and bringing up this point and the logo change is temporary and will revert soon.

To reinforce what Nic said this is a controversial topic that attracts bad actors looking for a venue to spread negativity on the community platform around the subject matter regardless if the subject and content on the original posted material is with good intent and well within the Atlassian Community Guidelines, so a lot of these threads are being heavily moderated as Anze said to "stick to the subject of Atlassian stuff"

With that said we are going to lock this thread as well to avoide targeted negativity but please do not let that discourage you from posting additional content to the community.

Additionally please check out this Tweet stream we put out yesterday discussing the Logo changes and the future of how Atlassian is addressing Pride week:


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