Sourcetree keeps asking for login and password...

wborczykincuvo April 15, 2012

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April 15, 2012

The Apple Keychain actually requires a username to be known in advance for the password lookup to work; if you don't include a username in your URL then SourceTree remembers the last username that was used to successfully log in to a given host and tries that one by default to look up the keychain entry. This can, however, be unreliable if you don't use the same username all the time on a given host. To make it unambiguous, include the username in the URL, like this:


Alexey Strelkov November 23, 2015

How was this even accepted?!! That didn't help and won't help.

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José Antonio Pérez López June 26, 2017

Thanks. It worked. This is the correct anwser. No need to run pull on the terminal. In my case is simple as editing the repo URL and include my user as you mention, BEFORE the host. After that I restarted SourceTree and problem solved. The same applies for each new repo. Thanks! :)

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Culbert Zhang January 29, 2018

I use for git trusteeship, then the sourcetree says "Password Required For user git on host". After I changed the url to "", the problem solved.

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shrinathkopare February 19, 2018

You can change the URL from 'Repository -> Repository Settings... -> Remote -> Edit'.

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Priyanka Bardhan February 26, 2018

For me, after including username and putting the URL "" , it is still asking me for the password.

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Alyssa3467 March 9, 2018

Not only did this not help, but it broke things even further, making it impossible to do anything with the remote.

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Amit Kumar Dubey May 2, 2018

That worked for me, Thanks!!

siyabongantombela July 22, 2018

This didn't work for me. I'm using v 2.7 on Mac

nebrekab September 27, 2018

@Trung Vu 's Use system GIT within SourceTree's preferences solved the issue.

 Appears to be using an older version of GIT: 2.10.1, instead of 2.17.1


OSX 10.11.6, SourceTree Version 2.7.6 (177)

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Paulo Oliveira October 12, 2018

Worked wonderfully! Thank you.

Clint Anderson October 24, 2018

After months of just putting up with this issue, and hours spent trying to get it working again to no avail, @nebrekab's suggestion solved my problem. 

Jan Vrabel November 8, 2018

Use system GIT also solved this problem for me. Even when system git was in use -> switched to embedded and back to system, same version, same git, but it works now

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Chao Feng January 19, 2019

Google and tried for several hours, USE SYSTEM GIT is the only way works for me.

rafael perez melendez March 19, 2019


has the only working solution so far... it shouldn't be a comment

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Ana Retamal
Atlassian Team
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April 5, 2019

Hi everyone, this is Ana from the Community Support team!

We’re seeing several recent responses saying that the solutions provided here do not work. This post originated in 2012, so whatever was valid at that time doesn’t necessarily need to be valid now. There could also be different reasons why Sourcetree is asking you for credentials, so there isn’t really a unique answer.

To make sure we’re helping everyone, I’ll be closing this thread now. If you encounter this issue now and the solution provided here doesn’t help you, please submit a new question and make sure to add the following:

  1. If you’re using Sourcetree for Windows or Mac
  2. Which operation where you performing when you were prompted for your credentials
  3. Provide a screenshot

Thanks and see you around :) 


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scars November 30, 2017

1. go to terminal in your project folder


git config credential.helper store


git pull

 4. input your username and password

curtisr_jigawatt December 20, 2017

This is the only thing that worked for me. Thanks Albert.

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A E December 25, 2017


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cperez1989 January 12, 2018

This works for  me. Sourcetree 2.7 

ttn January 30, 2018

This works for  me. Thanks!!!

siyabongantombela July 22, 2018

This is the only solution that worked for me. Using sourceTree 2.7 for Mac. Thanks!

Kankuro July 31, 2018

Everything else above failed to work, this worked perfectly though, thanks!

Kenneth Requina August 7, 2018

This worked for me

Peter Willand August 8, 2018

The only one solution, that worked for me.

SourceTree ver.:
System Git ver.: 2.18.0 + git-lfs v2.4.2
Win 10 Pro 64bit 


Nicolas Milcoff September 13, 2018

This worked for me (macOS). Thanks!

huizhang October 10, 2018

This works for  me. +1 THANKS !!!

Umang Savaliya October 29, 2018

Worked for me.

Dhruv Aggarwal November 4, 2018

Thanks ,


Worked for me as well

Charne Fourie November 7, 2018

This was the only solution that worked for me. Thanks so much!

Fabrizio Masini November 9, 2018

this is the real good solution.

Especially because, in case you don't have https support in your server, you cannot just switch to it...

Thank you very much!

Deleted user November 11, 2018

Simple, correct answer. Thank you!!

keen_foong November 12, 2018

This one has been plaguing me for months. Thank you!

Anish Kumar December 10, 2018

This worked for me. SourceTree 3.0.1 on macOS

Tarashor December 10, 2018


Bourados January 2, 2019

Well done, That is perfect.

Is that a bug ?

Michael Dmitriev January 7, 2019

thank you!!!!!

Wing January 8, 2019

This worked!!

powellian January 30, 2019

Nice one! Worked simply/easily for me and - based on the upvotes and other people it worked for - this should be the accepted answer.

hong nhan nguyen February 24, 2019

This worked for me, Thank you!

rafael perez melendez March 19, 2019

This also works!, looks like the only one that doesn't work is the accepted one :p

syedfaizanahmed March 19, 2019

This really worked for me after so much wasting effort on other solutions. Thank you so much Albert!

Source Tree: 3.1.1

Xcode: 10.0

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Owen Peng February 23, 2015

I have same problem and troubled me for a long time, now I found a solution.

1. go to terminal in your project folder.
2. run #git pull
3. input your username and password
4. go back to sourceTree and run Fetch or Pull, it does not ask your password again.

bgerth July 9, 2015

This worked for me too

Björn Broer August 26, 2015

Amazing! Thanks for this, it works like a charm. After doing the Git pull command in Terminal, the next time you fetch, pull or push, it asks to allow Keychain to be accessed by Sourcetree, and when clicking on "Always allow" you don't have to enter your password anymore!

kmerhi October 5, 2015

Thanks for the tip - this solved my issue as well!

Jason Harlow February 23, 2016

Thanks for pointing this out - totally worked.

aryoxp May 16, 2016

This solution is only working on Terminal. @Steve Streeting solution is working for me, SourceTree 2.2.4, Mac OSX 10.11.3 El Capitan

Deleted user October 18, 2016


arcrus October 25, 2016

Thank you!

TrungVuANT November 8, 2017

I tried but no success, but then I figure out:

- SourceTree use Embedded Git service

- Terminal use System Git, which I install via XCode


So, I just need to update SourceTree config via "Preferences -> Git tab -> Git Version" by select "Use System Git", then everything works well

Don't forget run steps as @Owen Peng suggest above. good luck

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Minh Huynh November 26, 2017

Thanks @TrungVuANT

It's totally working with your solution.

"I just need to update SourceTree config via "Preferences -> Git tab -> Git Version" by select "Use System Git", then everything works well"

Ajit January 25, 2018

Thank you so much @Trung Vu !!


Updating  SourceTree config via "Preferences -> Git tab -> Git Version" by select "Use System Git" works for me.

Brian Sexton July 10, 2018

@TrungVuANT's solution worked for me.

Vinh Tran August 8, 2018

thanks @Trung Vu it's worked for me.

20sk August 21, 2018

Helped in my case. Thx!

Fawad Tiemoerie December 1, 2018

Helped me. Thank you!

Hrtz December 1, 2018

This works!

Thank you... I almost went crazy!

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CobaltGray August 4, 2017

This has been bugging me for ages. I have an answer that now works for me on SourceTree V2.6 (123).

First go to keychain and remove any bitbucket entries (you may not have to do this but it helped me to work out that sourcetree had actually entered something)

Under sourcetree->preferences go to Accounts

Click edit

Change Auth type to "OAuth" from Basic

Click on "connect account"

login to the bitbucket page from the pop-up window

Make sure protocol is 'HTTPS'

Hit 'Save'

Bring up one of your git repos and pull it from bitbucket.

The first time it will ask if it can access keychain. Hit 'Always Allow'

You should then have pulled the repo.

Check in Keychain access to see if there is a new entry called 'Bitbucket Credentials'

If you have this then sourcetree should not ask you for your bitbucket password in future.

Time will tell if this keeps working. Good luck.

Brian Farrell August 26, 2017

OH SWEET JESUS!  After searching about this problem for over an hour and trying several different fixes, this is the one that FINALLY WORKED for me.

I had previously set-up two-factor authentication for Bitbucket and tried using an 'App Password', but that was not good enough. I couldn't make the repeated auth requests stop until I switched from 'Basic' authentication to 'OAuth', as Darren suggested.

I am running SourceTree 2.6.2 on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

Sanity Restored.

Thanks, Darren!

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ethanbeyer August 28, 2017

After a previous reply that said I had fixed this with System Git, I was still prompted over and over for BB creds.

Darren's solution seems to be working though!!

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furey September 22, 2017


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cheers, @CobaltGray!


Note: I had to make sure the protocol was set to 'HTTPS' before logging in from the pop-up window.

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Adam_Mendoza October 18, 2017

  🔥 yup, that solved this issue for me. 

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ethanbeyer December 1, 2017

I keep getting emails about how other people solved this, and smh, @CobaltGray still has the only answer that worked for me. I'd upvote it more if I could.

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Paw Baltzersen January 5, 2017

Crazy that this is still an issue after so many years, but I ran into this today. The fix was to install git on the computer and use that instead of the embedded version. After a git pull and entering the credentials there I can now work in SourceTree without it asking for password all the time.

Deleted user March 1, 2017

This worked for me, too. Thanks!

bastula July 17, 2017

Tried so many other solutions, but this is the only one that worked for me.

Ján Marcin October 16, 2017

Thank You! All I had to do was switch from Embedded to System Git.

4 votes
Tom Brückner June 26, 2017

This is driving me MAD. Every once in a while, typically after some obscure update, SourceTree on MacOS starts to require my password on any push or pull action. Sometimes it works for months, then suddenly, I have to type in my password again. This is so strange. What is causing this, and why can't they fix this once and for all?! I am really considering to switch to GitKraken now.

ethanbeyer August 24, 2017


3 votes
Thomas Scheelhardt June 27, 2017

We are seeing this eaxct problem for two accounts on our Team and it seems Atlassian have no clue what is going on, since they choose not to offer an answer to this crippling bug.

We have tried all the suggested 'fixes' but none have worked.

A source control system that you cannot access is not only completely worthless it is also endangering projects.

Atlassian how about you actually address this matter, since by your own account you are now comitted to provide support via the community.

Tom Brückner June 27, 2017

For me, setting the Git client to "System Git" has solved the problem for now. But I have no clue why this has to be done once in a while. And until then, I already have forgotten that this setting is available. It's a shame that remembering the password does not just work out-of-the-box. This is such an essential feature, especially if you're using long, cryptical passwords, as I do. Always having to open your password manager is pretty annoying.

Thomas Scheelhardt June 27, 2017

Yeah if it was only an inconvenience it wouldn't be quite as bad, however we have users that are denied access to their account after a while of having the 'Ask for password every time' issue.

So basically the problem escalates from an annoyance to a complete blocker.

sscarduzio July 30, 2017

Thanks @Tom Brückner setting "System Git" solved my issue for now.

ethanbeyer August 24, 2017

Setting Sourcetree to use System Git worked for me as well.

If I HAD to guess, I would imagine this error is permissions-based. If the copy of Sourcetree tries to read the keychain value for bitbucket, and can't, then it needs to continually ask.

When changing to System Git, since it's apart of the user's path, I think it actually triggers the system to display the dialog box asking for permission.

Again, at any rate, using System Git and running `git pull` worked for me.

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1 vote
Antão Almada November 2, 2018

I don't understand why there is a seemingly great accounts feature but still get keychain pop-ups...

1 vote
Darren Dickerson April 20, 2017

This is still happening.  Strangley it seems that if there are many differences SourceTree flakes out and tries to authenticate.  You should be able to duplicate this by say coping a version of a project that has CR/LF windows style line endings but the repository has Linux style line endings.  Removing the windows style line endings stopped SourceTree from trying to authenticate.

1 vote
Pavan Kalyan Tolety April 19, 2017

Remove all other authentications section in sourcetree other than git hub.

Then click Add or either go to Hosted repositories(to quickly check if it was successful) and click on edit accounts.

In credentials select OAuth and select refresh token. You will be redirected to bitbucket website and click on Grant access.

Now goto your fresh account in sourcetree and select Set as Default.

Done. Now you should see all your repositories in hosted repositories. It shows login error if it is not successful

1 vote
Mike Lebon February 26, 2017

I was running into the same issue and then realized that my SSH agent did not have my SSH keys loaded.  So make sure that you have your SSH key loaded if that's how you are talking to your git repo server.

See here for more details of how to check you agent and see which keys are loaded:

Also see this if you discover that your keys are not loaded at startup/login on macOS Sierra:


Hope that helps

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Jagadeesh December 10, 2018


I too faced the same issue and got resolved.

Please follow below steps to resolve.

Source Tree -> Tools  -> Options -> Updates -> Click on for update

Source Tree -> Tools  -> Options -> Git -> GitVersion -> Click on Embedded and Update Embedded buttons.

Restart source tree and it works fine.

Amen Asli March 5, 2019

same worked for me 

0 votes
RajanandP October 18, 2018

Came across this same issue and multiple posts too. So consolidated my research and fix at one place Summary is, problem solved when I used the same password for Atlassian's account address(which is the Gmail ID I used to OAuth to my bitbucket user), as that of my Gmail ID.

0 votes
Christopher Morris April 12, 2018

I just changed my password is it is no longer asking me for my password every few minutes.

0 votes
eacikoglu March 13, 2018

Use stable version 2.6.3 to get rid of this problem.

link :

0 votes
Dale Swift March 1, 2018

Using ssh connection but always prompted for a password. If I enter the password several times push does work but the password is never saved.

For me the solution was a bit more obscure.

By default ssh will always check for ~/.ssh/id_rsa and attempt to use that for any connection. In my case that id is not relevant for git, but is used for ssh to a different server.

The solution is to add a an entry in ~/.ssh/config which tells ssh to only use password.

Add the following lines:

Host myhostname
PreferredAuthentications keyboard-interactive,password
0 votes
nuthinking March 31, 2016

Check in your settings in the Bitbucket account. On mine it was using https, I put ssh and all fine now.

0 votes
Dmitry Maslov May 11, 2014

I had the similar problem. Every fetch/pull/push action requires password from my github account. I found the answer for this problem here<br< a="">>

It helped :)

0 votes
Mikkel Riise Lund November 23, 2013

I have the same problem as Anton Trapp. Has a solution been found?

0 votes
Anton Trapp July 10, 2013
Same thing here. Every day when I start Sourcetree and try to access a remote location (username IS included) sourcetree deletes the keychain entry and after that it tries to access the entry (which was deleted some milliseconds before). Keychain for bitbucket than contains the new entry ( If I quit Sourcetree and start it again (the same day) it is working with the keychain entry. One day later, same problem.
0 votes
wborczykincuvo April 15, 2012

Sourcetree keeps asking me for login and password when pulling from external git or mercurial repository. I've tried different things:

- removing keychain entry: no result

- reinstalling sourcetree: helps, but the bug re-introduces itself soon and then until next reinstall it is still there.

During single pull it asks for password always two times. Adding user name to connection stirng helps in the form, that it remembers user name but still asks for password.

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