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Sourcetree 3.3.6 not updating UI content properly

Nitesh J January 14, 2020

All was working fine, but recently had to re-image work computer.

The files inside Sourcetree are not updating properly (Windows 10, installed by another user that has admin priv - I don't have admin priv)

In the following two scenarios i am getting the issue that file list is not updating:

* if I try to switch branches or create a new branch .. the UI will not update to indicate that I have picked a new branch (i.e. the new branch will not be bolded)

* if stage files or stage hunk the 'staged files' box in the 'file status' tab does not show the staged files

In both of the above scenarios if I simply restart Sourcetree then on re-open the files/branches are updated accordingly


Any tips on how I can fix this annoying and incorrect UI situation?

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JeffGaskill January 14, 2020

I'm experiencing the same thing.  Pressing F5 after fetching, making edits, etc. to refresh updates the UI.  Annoying, but usable until fixed.

Marius Bughiu January 15, 2020

Same issue after updating to 3.3.6. Didn't know about F5 though, I would always close and open it back up again in order to refresh. Thanks for the tip.

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Paul Clegg January 15, 2020

Same issue here too, pressing F5 resolved any UI issues, cheers!

Sherwin Faria January 15, 2020

The F5 workaround worked for me as well. As mentioned in some other issues (e.g. #34111) removing and recreating the bookmarks or re-opening the tab can also help, but is still a workaround as I find it can reoccur at some point.

Chris Weber January 15, 2020

I wouldn't call it useable. 

Way to easy to get out of sync, forget to F5 and wind up in a bad state.


See the workaround I posted below.

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Muhammad Anas January 21, 2020

@Chris WeberAgree. Switching to another branch and immediately pulling/pushing without pressing F5 has high probably of getting/manipulating wrong remote branch.

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Krisztián Balla January 16, 2020

Please "upvote" (+1) the reported bug here: by clicking as "Affected customer" in the "People" section on the right. Thanks.

Sherwin Faria January 16, 2020

Thanks, I also upvoted for the Windows version.

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Ian Washburn February 3, 2020

Is it no longer possible to upvote on this bug?

tbroniewski February 20, 2020

Possible, spot the option near upper right corner. Field: Affected customers

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Chris Weber January 15, 2020

Workaround from another thread on this issue:


1. Close your repository in SourceTree (click X on your repository tab)
*** If you only have one repository open, just open a new tab (click +) and then try closing your actual repository again.

2. Open your repository.


This worked for me.

Adam Carrier January 15, 2020

Worked for me too. Thanks for sharing!

mostakim_ornob January 15, 2020

Worked like magic. Thanks a lot.

InvidFlower January 16, 2020

Worked for me as well. Definitely was annoying and took me a bit to even realize what was going on.

Xiokraze January 17, 2020

Thanks, this worked!

Bill OLeary January 18, 2020

worked for me too! thanks for sharing

Vova Paukov January 19, 2020

Nice it's working

zkon January 19, 2020

Thanks, this also worked for me.

Claudio Wagner January 20, 2020

Thanks for sharing!

Nilesh Deo January 20, 2020

Works for me too.

Shahenshah Malik January 20, 2020

Pressing F5 works as well

Marcelo_Brigato January 21, 2020

Great easy fix!! Thanks!! :D

Krisztián Balla January 21, 2020

You have to do this each time you restart SourceTree, right?

Muhammad Anas January 21, 2020

@Krisztián Ballayeah, seems so

Paul Cabrera January 23, 2020

It works, thanks

silent7 January 23, 2020


Mai Stefanie Fette January 24, 2020

works perfectly fine for me. Hope the issue gets solved soon still.

Khris W. February 4, 2020

That was really messing with my workflow. Thank you for the solution! 

berndlimburg February 4, 2020

Worked, thanks! Hope it will be fixed anyhow.

henry86 February 19, 2020


S_Michelbrink March 4, 2020

It works untill i have to restart sourcetree, theni have to follow all the steps again.

James_West-Sadler April 28, 2020

Works for me too.  Thanks!

John Perry May 19, 2020

Works for me in 3.38 - thanks, @Chris Weber !

Jorge_Castillo_Ifema October 5, 2020

It works, for mee too! thanks

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johannesRR January 14, 2020

Same for me, this patch completely broke my SourceTree. I reinstalled (deleted all old config files) and it worked for an hour or so, then it changed its behaviour back to your desription. Please, Atlassian, fix!

Keir McGuffog January 14, 2020

Yes, I'm seeing exactly the same although I believe I have full admin privileges on my Windows 10 machine.

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Klein_ Chaz January 28, 2020

Looks like they released a special version 3.3.8 that's supposed to fix the issue:


From the ticket:

The SourceTree_3.3.8 is released and solves the Refresh issue (F5).
Changes link: 

SourceTree 3.3.8 [20 Jan 2020]
Fixed file list not refreshing in first re-opened tab
Fixed crash when double clicking file
Fixed duplicate file appearing when checking a file

Download link: 

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crollsurf January 19, 2020

Same issue and not sure if it is the reason I am seeing other issues that are making 3.3.6 unusable.  I have unknowingly committed changes to the wrong branch and ended up with merge issues in main.

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Roxana Stan January 17, 2020

Removing the bookmark (tab) of the repository and opening it again solved this problem for me, but up until closing SourceTree - the bug comes back.

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Sherwin Faria January 15, 2020

Instead of +1 replies it would be better to make sure you `Like` the original question or reply to an existing solution and save the answers section for actual solutions. The email spam will become unbearable for those of us watching the issue.

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jevans January 15, 2020

Just updated to 3.3.6 a day ago.  Went from a working version 3.3.4 and updated using the automatic update feature within the app

Any operation such as switching branches, staging files, committing files requires F5 to be pressed to have the UI update/catch up.

I've read, whilst researching this issue, that it may be related to Nvidia Quadro graphics cards.  However, this machine has an Nvidia GeForce 2070 Super with the latest drivers installed.

Doesn't appear to be graphics related though - more the app not refreshing itself at all after an operation with the new version.  Switching back to 3.3.4 brings back the correct behaviour.

Give me a message if you need a video example of behaviour.


Sourcetree Version 3.3.6

Windows Version 10.0.18363.535

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Lisa Perelaer January 14, 2020

Same. Extremely annoying...

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ddox January 14, 2020

Yep, same here. 3.3.6 rendered Sourcetree basically nonfunctional for me on Windows 10. I'm using the most recent git version 2.25 (released ~1 day ago, which might have something to do with it) installed on my system. Installing the previous Sourcetree release (3.3.4, fixes everything, but this version seems to have no option to turn off automatic updates, so I keep reopening Sourcetree to find that it has broken itself and updated to 3.3.6, which DOES have an update tab in the options menu where you can (potentially) disable updates *eyeroll*

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Rodney Kite January 14, 2020

I have the same issue. This update is buggy.

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Peter Hoare April 25, 2020

The problem is fixed - for me at least - in version 3.3.8 but that version appears to only be accessible via the links towards the end on this post:

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Caleb Ferguson April 24, 2020

It's end of April now - having to press F5 after literally every action is getting tiresome. Any hope of an update?

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Sylvco March 18, 2020


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Jean-François Delges February 7, 2020 : same issue

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Maksym Lytvynenko January 31, 2020

please fix it!

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Samixon January 30, 2020

+2 people
Attassian please fix it!

katya January 30, 2020

+ the same problem

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Alexandre Spieser January 30, 2020

Same. Rolled back to 3.2.6 using the provided link in the comments:

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bleviton January 27, 2020

I'm having the same issue in 3.3.7.

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mohamed cherouati January 24, 2020

Same, any fix ?

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VaclavKaplan January 19, 2020

I have the same problem + Terminal wont start

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David Houghton January 18, 2020


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michaelm23119 January 17, 2020

Upgraded Sourcetree to 3.3.6 this week and experiencing the same issue.

Have reverted back to an older version until this is fixed, as having the UI reflect the correct branch is critically important.


Thanks in advance.

Bill OLeary January 18, 2020

Is reverting a straightforward process?

I figured it out...

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Krisztián Balla January 20, 2020

@Bill OLearyThanks for the link. I deinstalled 3.3.6 and setup 3.3.4 again, until this bug is fixed. 3.3.6 does not show up as an update in 3.3.4 now. Maybe Atlassian is already aware of this bug. As far as I can see there has been no reaction from them concerning this issue. Quite disappointing.

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saachinsiva January 15, 2020

same here

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francescoberardi January 15, 2020


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tufik_chediak January 15, 2020


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