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After Sourcetree update, it no longer refreshes the view

Van Dillon January 11, 2020

After Sourcetree updated itself to 3.3.6, the view no longer automatically updates when I perform actions such as:

  • change active branches
  • stage files

I have to manually hit F5 to get the display to update.

I downloaded SourceTreeSetup-3.3.6.exe and reinstalled.  It didn't help.

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gojanpaolo January 12, 2020

EDIT: Reiterating Dave Sky that the proposed solution below is just a workaround. We're still requesting SourceTree maintainers to fix this bug.


It looks like SourceTree is detecting the changes but just not updating the diff view. If you click on a different file then go back, it will update the diff view.

Also, this might solve it on your end:

1. Close your repository in SourceTree (click X on your repository tab)
*** If you only have one repository open, just open a new tab (click +) and then try closing your actual repository again.

2. Open your repository.


Another workaround is to have a dummy repository open and move its tab to the left-most side. Apparently, the issue only happens on the first repository tab.

michael January 12, 2020

I was skeptical, but I just did this and it worked for one repository. I was pressing F5 after every single thing that needed a UI change which was aggravating, slowing, but working. Hopefully this will work for all my repositories and I can get back to work?? Yay? Thanks @gojanpaolo 

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michael January 12, 2020

Just to confirm - it's that reload at startup setting that seems to be horked up as @pandax-games stated. Un-checked that puppy and I'm good to go. Annoying to have to reopen the repos I need, but not nearly as bad as F5'ing ad infinitum. Crossing fingers for a quick fix!

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chrisadipascual January 12, 2020

Confirmed, this solves the refresh issue

Van Dillon January 13, 2020

I can also confirm that this works.

bkaza January 13, 2020

This sloves too but not now.

otg_htu January 18, 2020

Works. Thanks!

bavanyo April 7, 2020

Wow.  This worked for me too. This has been driving me nuts!!!


Tushar Raut July 20, 2020

Worked for me as well,

Thanks a lot!

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Dave Sky January 14, 2020

Let's remember that a workaround marked as Solved is not a fix... and the problem should be fixed, period.

It will save your users wasted time, confusion, and aggravation; those things should not be features of your product.

Anthony Ford January 14, 2020

No kidding! Not only that, but I'm baffled by how such a visible and obvious issue made it into an update. After all, this software is used for building software. My point is that the developers and testers are the target audience for their own product, so it should be pretty well perfect any time they have a release.

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gojanpaolo January 14, 2020

Agree. This issue is a bug that should be fixed.

AlanVsCode January 14, 2020

There is a bug report:

You can vote for this issue to be fixed.

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pandax-games January 12, 2020

This is my situation at the moment: I unchecked "Re-open repository tabs at startup".

Removing this check force me to select the project every time, but this way everything is working again. It's like it's not loading correctly when a project is autoloaded.

michael January 12, 2020

Yup. Un-checking that option/setting helped me too.

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David Robinson January 13, 2020

I have the same issue but only for the first repo window opened (leftmost). All the other repo windows work correctly.

AlanVsCode January 13, 2020

Confirmed. I dragged a repo I don't care about over to the leftmost tab, re-opened the app, and all my other tabs work, including the one that used to be on the left and wasn't working previously. I did not have to touch the re-open on startup option.

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Patrick Stuart January 11, 2020

Me too, done complete reinstall and removed all files and still having this issue.

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chrisadipascual January 12, 2020

Update 3.3.6 increases f5 accuracy , finger health and speed by 1.5x

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michael January 11, 2020

Me too!. Ugh.

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