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SourceTree startup SpellChecker error

Bryan Baker December 27, 2016

Since the last update to, SourceTree on startup displays the following error:

"SourceTree detected the following invalid Dictionary file references. These are known to cause performance issues. Do you want to remove these invalid dictionaries?"SourceTreeSpellCheckerError.png

No file references are actually displayed. I've clicked both Yes and No multiple times on startup, but each ensuing startup displays the same error message.

I've disabled spell checking in the Tools-Options, which hasn't helped. I've looked in the SourceTree install directory but see nothing resembling dictionaries that might be susceptible to editing. Any other ideas welcome.

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Andy Liddle January 17, 2020

Seeing this issue in version 3.3.6.


Any Fix?

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Partha Mandayam March 24, 2019

I don't understand this bug. What does office have to do with Sourcetree?

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Mel Pettitt September 18, 2017

I've had the same problem for about the last couple weeks.   Didn't really cause any trouble, just caused me to have to dismiss the dialog.

But today, it has started crashing on startup instead.

As best I can tell (from the sourcetree.log file), it's getting a NullReferenceException exception while trying to call ShowNotificationDialogWithYesConfirmation method in Source.Configuration.WpfSpellCheckPreFlightCheck.Run().

I've tried deleting the custom dictionary (RoamingCustom.dic).   That did nothing.

So now SourceTree is totally unusable.

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chien Nguyễn duc July 28, 2021


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Pedro J. Molina February 13, 2018

Any fix for this bug, yet? 

Experiencing it for months now on a Spanish locale Windows 10.

Related info:

Pedro J. Molina October 31, 2018

Whenever I add new words to a Spanish dictionary in Office Word, SourceTree keeps complaining.

I unchecked the option "Spell check commit" under tools > options as commented here:


But problem remains whenever I open SourceTree.

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Steve Sobol April 16, 2017

I looked in the log

My problem was the custom dictionary C:\Users\sjsobol\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\16.0\d668cc87\Proofing\RoamingCustom.dic

After deleting it, I ran SourceTree and actually saw the path to the .dic file listed in the Invalid Directories dialog. Clicked yes, problem was gone.

That was a few minutes ago. Don't know when/if it's going to start again, but I have some thoughts:

  • Office can use the custom dictionary with no issues
  • For SourceTree to be relying on an arbitrary data file created by Office is a pretty heinous hack (IMO)
  • The dialog popping up with no dictionaries listed is an obvious bug, and Atlassian knows about it, they've known about it for a while and haven't fixed it,
  • and while I <3 SourceTree, I find it highly irritating that this hasn't been fixed. It doesn't impact usability, it's just annoying, but it'd be nice if it did get fixed.
  • Also, SourceTree shouldn't try to load the dictionaries AT ALL if I turn off the "spell-check commit messages" feature, but I did that and still had this problem. Really, guys?
ravijays August 24, 2017

I have exactly the same issue but I do not want to remove the Custom dictionary. I also do not have the spell-check turned on so technically there is no reason for SourceTree to use it.

Any other ideas?

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wbbeasley January 10, 2017

I have the same issue.  Was hoping they already solved it.  Error started with the 1.9.10 update.  I hit Yes and go on just fine.

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Radoslav Bielik January 8, 2017

there seems to be more information here, but sadly no workaround... I'm seeing the same issue

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