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SourceTree for Linux


Do you plan to release SourceTree for Linux?

585 answers

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72 votes
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Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
Mar 03, 2017 • edited Nov 13, 2017

Hi Everyone, 

Thanks for the support and interest in a Linux client. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to build SourceTree for Linux. 



Think long and hard before deleting this thread.  Scrubbing this forum of evidence of so many ardent requests over a such a long period for something as straightforward and obvious as a Linux version of SourceTree WILL BE WIDELY derided in the developer world.

Historically, this dismissal of Linux developers is exactly why so many of us distrust Microsoft, Adobe and other closed-source shops. although they must be given credit for changing their tune recently in creating 100% open source apps like VSCode, and Brackets.   This occasion would be a great opportunity for Atlassian to follow suit.  And keep in mind, most of the upvotes here are merely asking for a Linux port, not for SourceTree source code to actually be publicly released.

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How come this was accepted as an answer?

Are you trolling Mr Rahul Chhabria? Is there a moderator on this site?

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I will never use an Atlassian product again. Deleting this thread without even preserving an archive shows how little Atlassian cares about its users. The overwhelming desire of Atlassian's users to have SourceTree on Linux has been completely disregarded, and it shows just how out of touch your company is. 

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I would suggest you contact the CEO's of Atlassian. Google for: Atlassian contact the CEO

I tried it, and got pretty much the same response from the same person who posted above (Rahul, product manager for SourceTree), so at least Rahul got the message I sent... I don't know if the CEO(s) actually received my comment, but if enough people 'Contact the CEO' perhaps the message will be heard.

I will repeat that this is a very strange position for Atlassian to take. Perhaps they are afraid of the competition from the likes of gitk, gitg, GitEye, giggle or Git Cola... All are free git gui's.

In fact, maybe one or more of those will replace SourceTree on the other platforms as well. I myself have certainly lost that loving feeling for Atlassian.

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To be honest, I'm not surprised; every single issue that I've upvoted or watched has had the same basic reaction from Atlassian, no matter how simple it is to implement, or how many upvotes it has, or what the potential ramifications of the issue are.

While I love Atlassian products, they really do seem to do whatever they want, regardless of what the customer asks for. Which is rather a bit backwards IMO.

Some examples are:

Usability enhancement:

Internet standard functionality bug:

Enhancement request:

Major Security issue (potential for FERPA violations, etc.):

Regression bug:

Interoperability bug:

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Hope you reconsider, Linux client would be very useful. It's really the only relevant platform for me.

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So, Atlassian Answers was moved to Atlassian Community. Still, this thread is not deleted. Does that mean it stays? 

I really loved using SourceTree when I was developing on a Windows machine. But recently I had to switch to Ubuntu, which I really like, but the main tool I miss is a really good Git gui. So I was a bit surprised when I found out that SourceTree is not available on Linux :(

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Looks like the feature request is in JIRA for SourceTree for Mac. Maybe if we all add our vote there, we'll get some attention.


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Seriously? Delete this conversation? LOL.

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If not Linux, how about a platform-independent browser-based client then?  Please?

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It's better.  No, really.  It's better.

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You know what James.  I may have to agree with you.  I was looking for a good way to store code with a small team who weren't that versed in Git.  I just downloaded GitKraken and I think the UI is so much easier to use than SourceTree.

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Steve Gerstner [bridgingIT]
Rising Star
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Nov 13, 2017

Is there some kind of dislike button?

For all of you searching a good client for linux, use GitKraken instead.

No a Donald Trump quote:


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Sergey Podobry _Stellarity Software_
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Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
Nov 13, 2017

What about opensourcing SourceTree to let the community make a linux version?

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are you kidding? still no support for linux planned? this is absolutely paltry.

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+1 for Linux. I really can't accept this answer as an answer.

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Seriously no Linux version planned? As many other teams, we use all 3 main OS here, we need tools that work on all of them. Learn from VSCode or Gitkraken, they do it right. Uninstalling :(

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"Seriously no Linux version planned? As many other teams, we use all 3 main OS here, we need tools that work on all of them. Learn from VSCode or Gitkraken, they do it right.'

Yep, quite unbelievable, in 2018. 

Especially, from a company that makes money from running Java server applications on Linux servers. If anything, basic decency dictates to release your Git client for Linux.

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Would love to see SourceTree on Linux.
Please make it happen.


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Sourcetree for Linux? Who cares? Try Gitkraken and be happy!

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Deleted user Jun 05, 2018

It was a great time with SourceTree on Mac OS X, but macOS get's worse with every release since Steve is dead. I switched to Linux (first elementary OS and now NixOS) some years ago, also at work. I would love to be able to use SourceTree on Linux, but this 5 years old issue shows that Atlassian don't cares about the wishes of it's customers and i will not use their software again.

Now i use the integrated git UI in Atom editor for commits and terminal for more complex tasks.

I will delete my account here after this post.

Like Dmitriy Mamlyga likes this

Off course we need  Sourcetree in Linux.

+1  for Source tree in Linux.

Why there is source tree for Windows and not for Linux?

I think most developers use Linux OS compared to Windows.

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Never lose hope :) I am still waiting for the port.

Don't bring your application for Linux, we really don't need it.
GitKraken is powerfull, beautifull enough!

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Yeah I guess they don't want to compete with GitKraken. I would, just to help bring in startups and new users with Linux backgrounds/workflows. I'd write it all in electron too make it simple to drop a Linux release, but then I think that's exactly what GitKraken did. 

We adopted JIRA, bitbucket, Confluence, etc. I am leading the way to dumping Windows. In my opinion, Mac is an expensive and tedious system. We don't use the old collaboration tools much anymore like MS Office. It was a last desperate move for Office to go online, but they've sealed their fate. Bye bye.

Expect the linux share to grow. Atlassian will be enabling the flight from Windows. Where will those users go? Linux beats Mac among professional developers on Stack Overflow. They are your market too.

"Windows Desktop was the most commonly used platform by developers, followed by Linux Desktop." --- Platforms, Stack Overflow 2017

Is it possible to use SourceTree with Mono or Wine, on Ubuntu 18+? I have had to use Linux for the first time at my new job and I have managed to use Navicat for MySQL with Wine, and Telerik's Fiddler with the Mono framework. Maybe someone who understands these technologies could port the Window's version of SourceTree?

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I got to admit this is making a joke of Linux, git was invented to add version control to Linux kernel. I don't understand why developers do this, i would pay twice the price to have stuff on Linux and they still do not do it!



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James Barwick  I want to kiss you for introducing me to GitKraken!

Like daniel martinez likes this

isn't it time for us to make our own opensource git client? It think we should plan and make it happen because all available git clients for linux aren't so good as source tree or gitkraken.

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It's been time for a long time. We could have done this long ago, honestly. And my guess is that when we start doing this, we'll find there's fewer and fewer reasons to need Atlassian.

Like Marcos Freitas likes this

Atlassian doesn't understand and doesn't care about their customers.

You will have to revise your decision of not supporting SourceTree on Linux.

In the 2019 StackOverflow Developer survey, Linux is now measured to be used as the developer's primary operating system in equal share  as MacOS  (~25% both).

See the survey:

Given that the most loved technology is Linux among developers (see the survey) - by a large margin -  this share will only grow further.

You are already late with your product development, these trends didn't start yesterday.

Well an interesting thread which have convinced me to stop using SourceTree

Another reason for why Atlassian strategies sucks. How come no Linux client? Evil Microsoft provides linux clients for their tools like VSCODE.

I'm uninstalling sourcetree from my macbook as well since im not able to install it on my linux laptop

Like bytebrain likes this

That's ridiculous. Linux Torvalds invented Git and you guys don't support Linux. Just created my account to post this. Now deleting.

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you people gotta be kidding us.Of all systems,you go type there with a straight face and give the Linux community  the middle y'all don't learn from history.You can't shun Linux and prosper.those are mutually exclusive events right there.That said,I'm loving Gitkraken,and I hate monopoly,so,peace...

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What the hell? Of all the programs to not be available on Linux, I least suspected my favorite source control tool.

I'm jumping ship from Microsoft since Windows 7 support is ending soon, and Windows 10 is one of the worst OS I've ever used.

A damn shame, really.

Like Florian likes this

I'm moving to Linux. Please make SourceTree available for Linux.

Like Jilmar Rangel likes this

We need a Linux git client for Ubuntu.

How embarrassing is this answer?

Reason one: Git it self was develop to support Linux kernel development.

Reason Two: It is 2020!! =/

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This is beyond embarrassing. Developing on Linux has become easier and easier; and the excuse of "it is too hard" or "there are too many distros" are just obsolete. They can make an AppImage ( and it will work for all distros!

Like ejrojasb likes this

I've been using linux on the desktop for way over 10 years, and it's trivial to get it running on most laptops, these days so I agree that if Atlassian want to be taken seriously, they need to do this. Also, with the increasing lock down of apple products, there will be an increased flow of refugees from MacOs to linux.

We are already in 2022 and they still don't take linux seriously. :(

+1 for a linux client

…hoping it would work under FreeBSD too. (it can run Linux binaries)

So Atlassian - seems that open source community waits :)

Some of us:

And some others:

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I'm the second one vk... u.u

Yes, UBUNTU Linux please!

+1 Ubuntu Linux

What a company. Look how many users this "agile" company is completely ignoring!

Like Bamboy likes this

2013-2017 and still no Linux client with so many users asking. Why??? Just opensource it and let the community do it for you!

+1 - and remember to UPVOTE the JIRA ticket to create a Linux client:

Like Mike Eggleston likes this

+1 Ubuntu

+1 it would be VERY appreciated.
I suggest you to eventually investigate in professional support on .NET platform porting on *NIX platforms (if, as I think, it's your case).

Tools like Unreel Engine 4 compile and run on Linux. It'd be nice to have a good Git GUI on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I would pick Sourcetree, but I guess I'll do Gitkraken. Gitkraken runs on all of those platforms.

Linux has been my primary OS since Microsoft wants to take too much control with Windows 10. Even so, I still have VSCode, MonoDevlop, clang, Blender, Audacity, and gcc.

There's no reason not to build for Linux. Do you really want to use a mac when it can give you root without a password?

+1 for linux

Like Javier Vargas likes this

+1 to any linux distro, the rest, the Community will manage to port to others, I think. Or at least make it usable with WINE please.

P.S. You see the label "I'M NEW HERE" ? I sign up here only for encouraging SourceTree developers to develop linux version. I believe "NEW ONES HERE" above did the same thing. 

Like Javier Vargas likes this

+1 for linux, too.

A friend recommended me that tool, but as it's not available for linux I just won't use it.

Makes me thinking: Are the atlassian hosted BitBucket and Jira instances so damn slow because I live between the mountains or is it because they host them on Windows Servers? Maybe I should search for a new shore on that topic as well.

OS isn't the issue. They're slow because they're bloated. Open your network panel in the dev tools and check out how much it's downloading before and after rendering, as well as how many external calls are made.

Customers notice every 10ms of time spent churning a page. Slow rendering is actually more harmful to a UX than slow response time.

+1 for linux client.

+1 for linux client

+1 for linux client

+1 for linux client


+ for linux client

+1 for Ubuntu

+1 for Ubuntu

You sir, have hit the nail on the head :) .

Like Kevin Foster likes this

@Rahul Chhabria Please think about it again.

Thanks for the note. My apologies though, I don't work at Atlassian anymore. Please reach out @bgannin for more information about this topic. 

+1 for Linux version.

Remember that exist Git thanks to Linus Torvalds and their team.

I too will donate for that.

Yup, was surprised, that possibly the best GUI for git is not present on the platform that is (was) git's raison d'etre. thats some industrial grade irony there..

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Haha ! this will be the biggest joke of this century!!!

+10000000 for Linux version.

I give my vote for Linux version too. I saw ST at my colleagues using Macs and I have to admit that it is brilliant piece of software

Mac vs Linux... isnt that almost a UI based port? I mean Mac is primarily Linux under the hood right?

I think Mac is FreeBSD, not Linux. But they're very close.

There's definitely more than just a UI port, but that isn't the reason this isn't happening. Atlassian isn't going to do it. They could have done it 6 years ago if they wanted to. They hinted at it, then abandoned the idea.

Also, we (as developers) could have just made a solid Linux version of it by now if we just tried and open sourced it. If we made it in Electron (or similar), we could make it cross platform with an entire community maintaining it and leaving the Atlassian anti-developer attitude in the past.

@Gary Cartagena Well, they are 'SIMILAR' under the hood, but both two are different. As @Matt Kernes said, FreeBSD is UNIX(or, UNIX-like system), not Linux.

Mac's kernel is called Darwin, and it has borrowed heavily from the BSD family:

The core libraries behind Mac's and Linux's GUIs have absolutely no overlap at all, although there are cross-platform libraries that abstract this away.

Anyway, Mac and Linux are similar so far as they both have very rich, well-featured command lines in which to get real work done, and they don't suck down every little virus that comes along. 

Given that Linus Torvalds (author of Linux) wrote GIT, it is astounding that Atlassian thinks it's okay to ignore Linux as a target platform for SourceTree.  That is more tone-deaf than any politician has ever been.  #knowYourRoots

Like Matt Kernes likes this

I'm fully convinced that Atlassian doesn't care about developers at all. They only care that they're on top of the mountain of cash that they wouldn't have without developers. They're very short sided.

Atlassian is also sitting on a mountain of requests from the community for simple things like managing session timeouts and adding a way to highlight text in Confluence; something that all WYSIWYG have.

The trivial stuff Atlassian ignores makes me truly believe that they only care about 3rd party affiliates selling plug-ins and features Atlassian won't make (or remove from existing functionality).

The sole of this company is gone.

Like francescojo likes this
50 votes
Deleted user May 25, 2013

+1 for a Linux version. Linux is still lagging a comprehensive git gui bare "smart git". No Tortoise Git for Linux eighter (the Linux fork is in early alpha stages). A port to Linux would be awesome, even if we have to wait a bit =)

Agreed.  I used to like Smart Git, but after using SourceTree, I have to admit it's just not as good.

For private use gitkraken is worth to try.

+1 for Linux.

+1 for a Linux-Client or at least a description how to make it run on Mono.

Rising Star
Rising Star
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Apr 15, 2013

We've not attempted to make it work under Mono, but as far as I'm aware Mono doesn't support running applications written in some of the frameworks we use.

That's a pitty. Why you have choose c# if you only wan't to run it unter windows?

Anyways does this mean a Linux version has no chance?

Rising Star
Rising Star
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Apr 15, 2013

We don't want to run SourceTree to only be on Windows. SourceTree is for both the Mac and Windows (and for the last few years has been a Mac-only application). The Mac and Windows development streams are different. The Mac version is written in Objective-C and the Windows version in C#. We targeted the platforms specifically for the best possible experience by leveraging the platform-specific features.

We don't have any immediate plans for Linux, but that could change, just as it did for Windows. Right now we're focussing on making the Mac and Windows versions better.

Although the Windows version seems to have stalled, no updates in months, and no mention of why the delays, and some nasty bugs and performance problems hanging around.

Here's my input:

  • I want SourceTree on Linux (so does everyone else in this thread)


  • Start a KickStarter / IndieGoGo campaign, and you'll have the funding / resources to implement it (this thread would at least imply that it would be the case).
Deleted user Sep 10, 2013

+1 for this solution

But that would imply that Atlassian doesn't have Apples dick in their mouth -_-

Incredibly unprofessional, offensive comment there :(

I’m offended because she implied Apple was bad, not by the language, i’ve heard bad words in the past. She just has Apple Envy - maybe she has to use a PC ;-)

Great solution, even past almost 2 years.

I'm offended because everybody knows it's "Apple's" not "Apples"

Why didnt you choose the Java / Qt libraries (C++ / Python) / C# with mono ready libraries / Web application bundled with for example chrome? You would have 1 codebase and crossplatform product ...

Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
Apr 15, 2013

This was all taken into consideration when we discussed how we were going to go about it. The end decision was to target the platform using libraries/languages specifically for that platform. My comment on this thread answers this already.

For a full cross-platform framework, I would rather recommend having a look at Lazarus RAD IDE / platform. It works flawlessly on Windows / Mac / Linux, with a native experience. It recently came out as 1.0, and is one of the most underrated open source frameworks out there!

Lazarus? Are you serious? It's Pascal!

I told you, it is underrated! :P

You see, big things rarely happen accidentally.

So, if this framework is less popular than Qt/GTK/WxWidgets/etc -- it does not mean it's bad. But it definitely means, that programmers prefer Qt/GTK/WxWidgets/... for some reason.

Probably, first reason is C/C++. C is the language of kernel and system programming, C++ is the language for networking and game development. You see -- a lot of people can use those frameworks, with their experience, without learning Pascal.

Second one is probably big amount of code samples, QA, handbooks and documentation.

That is undoubtely true!

At the same time, taken into account, the immense hurdle that cross-platform develoment is, for most modern frameworks, Lazarus seems to takes away a lot of those hurldes by the way it works great out of the box on all the main platforms.

Indeed, it comes with other hurdles, in the form of lacking availibility of up-to-speed developers and libraries. The question is which hurdle is the hardest to overcome.

Every time i see this i think the following. Who ever was in the discussion to go .NET and have two code bases to be a close to bare metal as possible ---- is an idiot.

Perhaps they also copy and paste code within the same code base instead of refactoring out common reusable base classes too, because it's that kind of mentality.

This is still off topic from this post but this method is rather typical. Core code gets implemented in c/c++ and the UI in the native language / UI framework. Its actually easier to manage

It is typical for people who do not plan to support multiple platforms. There are enough good cross-platform UI frameorks that would make maintenence on multiple OSes possible. It is obvious that this project did not have this as a priority form start. And NO this is not off topic, it is about why Linux does not have a port.

Guys if you  are  not having enough bandwidth make it opensource. Hope you guys are good people and not like money scavengers. A lot of people around the globe are ready to contribute. 

Let it be linux packaging or further enhancement of product

This post deserves upvotes from everyone who visited this forum !

Like Harsha Amarasiri likes this

Personally, I don't know how anyone could say that Atlassian is (are) money scavengers. For one, they give their products away FOR FREE to ANY open-source development team. Second, they give their products away FOR FREE to educational institutions for use within the classroom (and discounted licenses for educational institutions for use by departments.) Third, they spend their internal resources create awesome products like SourceTree and give it away FOR FREE too. I'm sure I could keep going, but you get the point. I understand that there is frustration that it's not been ported to Linux yet. Believe me, I understand it every day when I log into my Linux laptop and don't have the functionality. But, I support Atlassian and their willingness to be so giving to the community. When they say that there is something blocking their development of a Linux version, but can't go into more details at this time, I accept that. It doesn't mean that I don't hope that they're able to resolve whatever is blocking the Linux port of the software, because I do. But suggesting that they're being money-grubbing folks is both unsubstantiated and counterproductive :/

The purpose of SourceTree (IMHO) is to pull Stash or Bitbucket to your desktop. When using SourceTree together with a supported Git server, and integrate that Git server into an issue management system, you have something extremely powerful. As we see with many many tools which are extensions of "the real product", those extensions are free. So, I feel SourceTree is and extension of Stash, and free makes sense. What you do is pay for Stash, and you get the desktop tool. Any OpenSource project that would take responsibility for SourceTree to run on Linux would need to make sure that the objective of the project remain to extend the functionality of Stash and Bitbucket. SourceTree is NOT a "Git Client". It is a "Bitbucket or Stash Client" (Ok, GitHub, too).... And if Atlassian gave responsibility of this objective to a third party group (a large open source community), they would probably lose control of the objective. There are many great Git Client's for Linux. But, Atlassian needs to know how many Linux users actually need a Stash and Bitbucket (or GitHub) Client. If it's too small a percentage, then we would have to ask ourselves how much money Atlassian (or any company) would be willing to spend on a product that would not return more real revenue (Stash or Bitbucket server licenses). I really wish Atlassian could find it in their heart to spend the money to make a Linux SourceTree. Although, I would understand completely if they felt there was no business requirement to do so.

I don't necessarily believe that it's a money-related issue. I spoke with Atlassian about this thread back a couple of weeks ago (see my comment on March 12,) and they said that they were very aware of the need for a Linux SourceTree client, but that there were some things that were blocking their ability to develop the client for the time being, but that they couldn't go into details. I could be wrong, but that, to me, means something besides money.

Deleted user Mar 25, 2015

Sourcetree *is* a git client. we use it with Gitlab and you can use any git remote like a root server over ssh!

Linux please!

How was gitkraken able to do a Linux client but atlassian ran I to a blocking issue? This sounds silly.

17 votes
Nazia Tarannum
Rising Star
Rising Star
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Dec 18, 2014

and me waiting..


+1 for picture (and Linux client)

Do not waste Your time anymore to ask a LINUX version and move on to alternatives. This company created a good GIT client but they can not make it FAST, netiher they can develop .NET applications in MONO to make it compatable with Linux. One of the most used platforms for development is linux, we all known this. If they do not want to create a linux version after so many request, if they are not able top port it to MONO libraries, it says enough about their skills. Move on, it is waste of time with that company.

You know, if you follow this thread, you've saw thay they consider to provide us linux client. I suppose it's matter of time and allocating people. I don't know why, they don't use mono compatible libaries, but I'm sure, if they would consider to make from source tree a git hub project, the linux client will appear more quickly :)

Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
Jan 20, 2014

We developed SourceTree native to Mac and native to Windows (they're two separate development streams) so we can leverage OS-specific features and keep it closer to the metal. In this respect, there'd be no need for us to use a cross-platform library if we were to develop a *nix version, we'd likely go native.

As always, lots of interest but we're very much focussing on Mac and Windows for the moment, that takes up the majority of our time.

(n.b. you can't run SourceTree under Mono as we use WPF, this has been regularly pointed out to us but it's a limitation. Perhaps Mono will allow support for WPF in the future, at which point it could run on *nix)


Too bad this is not open source, I would totally hack on this in my spare time...

Kieran, I don't see why Atlassian doesn't allocate more resources to your team then! This "no we can't" attitude seems defeatist.

If something is showing this much demand and is creating this much interest in the company's brand, it would be to your benefit. Ten pages (and I'm sure more) of people showing interest consistently over the span of several years. Is it not Atlassian's failure to actually make a release at this point?

A user friendly and powerful git client like sourcetree is badly needed in the Linux space. I'm sure there are countless people using bitbucket and for-pay Atlassian services who use Linux.

I totaly agree with Amos Triorix and moved to the next best thing on linux: SmartGIT. After using it for the past few months I can safely say that it has as much as SourceTree and more.

@Kieran Senior [Atlassian] if you want to go native on *nix, you'll end up using cross-platform toolkits anyway, since on *nix you'll use GTK or Qt or WxWidgets (or others) :P...

I am a Windows/Mac User..... But +1 for Linux version as many of my collegues really needs it.

I know this is an old question and Atlassian has responded to it before but I just want to add my name to the list of people who would really like to see Source tree on Linux.

I'm a FOSS, security software and games developer, working exclusively on Linux and I would KILL for sourcetree on Linux. Write it in C++ with QT5 or GTK+ and you don't even have to worry about not being native enough.

To make it even sweeter: if you make Source tree on Linux happen I will personally fly to your office and bake you a cake of the flavour of your choosing. Think about it... cheeky

+1000 for linux SourceTree PLEASE!!!!

I will donate enough to get a big team of devs working on it. How much you need?

a project as big as SourceTree? Probably in the $250-$300K range.

Note, that's not a lot. That's paying only average salaries to 10 folks for less than 5 months.

Hey I have an idea! What about a sourcetree version for Linux?

Jonas Andersson
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Rising Star
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Feb 17, 2016

Dumbest thing i ever read.. wink

Hey Atlassian, what is the sense now for porting SourceTree to linux, given the response here so far? I'm a paying SmartGit customer and would happily do the same for SourceTree on linux.