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Sometimes clicking a branch, commit, or stash does nothing

Dave Sky January 6, 2020

This happens fairly often, on Mac and Windows, all versions, and can be discombobulating. When it happens I have to click on another branch, commit, or stash, which will show its info in the other boxes, then click on the one I want, which populates the boxes.

I'm unsure of which condition (or state) the app is in when it happens, so I can't tell you when it's consistent.

Is this happening to you as well? Please say so. This has been going on for the last year and a half we've been using SourceTree, through every version we've had, and we stay up to date.

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Dave Sky January 28, 2020

I've gotten used to just jumping through the extra hoop almost every time of clicking something else first; super-annoying but you got me, I submit, and I will continue running the maze for you.

I've gotten pretty good at subconsciously knowing when to do this, but I still couldn't tell you which exact scenarios it happens in.

I'm sure the developers of SourceTree run into this and just learn do all the extra clicks just to make it work. I'm assuming the SourceTree developers use SourceTree.

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Christopher_Deutsch March 11, 2020

This should be the only issue Sourcetree developers are working on.

It's been like this for years. 😠

Don't tell me you can't duplicate it, it happens CONSTANTLY

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Dave Sky January 15, 2020

I tried (Mac) SourceTree > Preferences > General > Window restoration = "Don't restore windows on startup", and things were fine (even after restart) until today...

Same issue again, this time after stashing files (modified and new as staged) then clicking a previous stash does nothing... I have to click another stash, which shows, then back to the stash I clicked previously to get its info to show.

Super-frustrating; just adds a ton of duplicate clicks to things.

What else are we supposed to do, or when will you fix it, Atlassian?

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Deleted user January 13, 2020

This is most likely the same problem as described here:


Unchecking "Re-open repository tabs at startup" is the current workaround.

Dave Sky January 14, 2020

I don't think this is a duplicate, as I'm not having a problem with staging or unstaging files refreshing the view, nor is the problem happening on every click, nor am I seeing any pattern yet.

In any case, where's the reload at startup option?

Untitled 3.png

Deleted user January 14, 2020

Hi, on windows I have this options:



Maybe it's keep bookmarks closed?

Dave Sky January 15, 2020

I think you're talking about this (on Mac):

Don't restore windows on startup.png

But that isn't fixing it. See my last comment on the thread outside of this one.

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Negin Basiri January 6, 2020

I'd like to report the same issue. I even re-installed it again and still, same issue is happening

The source tree UI is not refreshing, I have to re-open it to see the up-to-date state of files! This is so dangerous as you may commit things that are not what you see on UI.

For example, I had 2 files I reverted one of them via source three and still showing 2 file changes!!!!

The stage, changing branch, and refreshing UI after commit also not working

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