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Custom action to view diff on committed file...

sjcarroll February 5, 2019

Hi all -

Forgive me if this has been answered before.  If I select a commit in Sourcetree, it shows a list of files modified in that commit in one pane, and if a file is selected, a diff in another pane.  I have Araxis configured as my external diff tool, and what I'd really like is to have a custom action on a file in the selected commit to launch the external diff tool and diff that version of the updated file and the previous version.  I know I can invoke 'Log Selected...' on that file, select that version and the previous from the resulting window, and invoke external diff from that context menu.  But that's more steps than I'd ideally want.

Can I create a custom action to do this and if so, how?  Thanks in advance!

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sjcarroll February 5, 2019

UPDATE:  Of course a minute after I post the question, I explore the 'Actions' item in the main menu, and there's an 'External Diff' item in there that will do what I want.  I guess it wasn't very intuitive to me to use the main menu in this case because there's so many panels and contexts.  I feel there should be a built-in context menu item in this panel for 'External Diff', but that's just me.

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