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Copy / Paste out of Stash view freezes SourceTree

Shrp77 August 7, 2017

I'm having to apply a stash from one git clone to another git clone (of the same project -- don't ask why).

What I'm doing is looking at the stash of changes I have on clone #1, copy/paste into the right sections of the code on clone #2.

When I hit copy (CTRL+C), everything is fine. I switch to Visual Studio, go to the right spot in the code and hit paste (CTRL+V) and nothing happens in Visual Studio. SourceTree becomes unresponsive and gets the classic Windows 7 chrome frame, becomes white and after a while, it renders again. Nothing has happened in Visual Studio.

Once this sequence has happened, I can paste the text that I had copied into Visual Studio.

Any ideas why SourceTree would become frozen when I try to paste?

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ziomio March 23, 2023

The problem is still present in the latest version of Sourcetree 3.4.12

What is interesting - if you press Windows+V to see clipboard history - Sourcetree' copied text is not there. Please fix this - it's very annoying to wait for 15-20 seconds each time I need to copy some lines of source code from Sourcetree.

ArtyomAfanasov October 10, 2023

Same problem.


Windows 11

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cowlinator November 8, 2018

I think this has been fixed.  I cannot reproduce in 3.0.6.
Thank you for fixing this! :)

Martin Fuchs January 10, 2020

Sadly, no:

The problem still exists in the current version 3.2.6 on Windows.

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Ekoate_Ges September 26, 2022

Still an issue on 3.4.9

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Alexey_ September 4, 2018

Still an issue in 2.6.10.

I've reproduced this on two different windows machines.

Copying any lines from source tree diff view hangs it.

You should really rise priority for this bug, it's been like this for couple of years now I think and it doesn't seem like a hard bug to fix on the surface.

Alexey_ January 23, 2019

Still an issue in 3.0.15.

I've tried wiping preferences and using embeded git but nothing helps.

I wonder how some people seems to be not affected by this bug. I'm basically doing clean install and I see the bug immediately.

Patrick Truskowski January 23, 2019

Currently SourceTree is copying/pasting without any freezes with 3.0.12. 

Here are the steps I've taken:

  1. Reinstall windows recently (1/8/2019)
  2. Install 3.0.12
  3. Open SourceTree and select a commit
  4. Select a file from the commit
  5. Select a line from the comparison (right side of file select)
  6. Ctrl + C
  7. No freezing behavior observed
  8. Ctrl + P worked immediately

However, I'm not convinced the issue is resolved. I had this issue with v2.x and it appeared to be resolved in 2.4.x, however later on it was an issue again (see comment

I will continue monitoring with 3.0.12. I would like to restart my computer a few times to see if this issue resurfaces. 

Alexey_ May 14, 2021

I was finally able to fix this after a few years.

The problem is caused by clipboard monitoring software (Clipdiary in my case, but I'm pretty sure any app that monitors clipboard will cause this).

After I've added SourceTree to the exceptions list, problems went away.

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krystian_bigaj June 14, 2021

I have this problem today, even in version 3.4.4.

But I am able to reproduce the problem with the Delphi IDE running (10.3 Rio in my case, but it also happened before with the XE5 so I guess the version doesn't really matter).

If the Delphi IDE is running, the SourceTree hangs for a few seconds each time when I'm using clipboard in the SourceTree (it could be anywhere in SourceTree, 'Copy Path To Clipboard', or Copy line from Stash view).

If I close the Delphi IDE, the SourceTree doesn't hang (I don't need to restart the SourceTree between tests).

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Igor Valjevic April 4, 2019

I still have this issue. Copying any code from internal code viewer (shows code differences) freezes for around 10 seconds. This have been happening since version 2.

Version 3.1.2

Tried running SourceTree as admin but didn't help.

Let me know if you need any other information/logs.

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Bill OLeary March 13, 2019

I was looking for the way to copy stuff from the stash display back into my code

It wasn't apparent that you had to click on the first line that you want and then shift click to mark the rest of the region.

Once I  figured that  out it cut and paste worked like a charm for me

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Wouter Schut May 21, 2018

And this is still happening in version

A simple CTRL+C hangs the application for 20 seconds. 

patricktruskowski August 23, 2018

I had this issue in 2.4.x. Once I updated to 2.6.10, this was no longer an issue for me.

I'll monitor to make sure it still works going forward. 

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Ana Retamal
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
August 8, 2017

Hi Arvind! Can you let us know which SourceTree version and OS are you using so we can try to reproduce this issue?

There's a similar issue reported in our issue tracker, but that seems to be only related to the diff view. You can find it at SRCTREEWIN-7397



Shrp77 August 8, 2017

Windows 7 64-bit (I know... corporate laptop... brr....), SourceTree version

The stash I was going through is pretty big (I had to change the default values in the Diff tab of options in order to see all the changes... but it was still freezing up with the default values.

Shrp77 August 8, 2017

The bug seems similar. This is my info for the bug:


1) Clone repo into local folder A
2) Make a lot of changes to code in folder A (I had changed ~ 30 - 35 files, multiple changes per file).
3) Stash changes to code in folder A
4) Clone the same repo into local folder B


1) Find file in stash for folder A
2) In Visual Studio, open same file in folder B
3) Select line (or range of lines) in Source Tree stash window
5) In Visual Studio, place the caret on the line where you want the changes to be pasted
6) CTRL+V (observe that SourceTree looses the borderless look and gets the Windows 7 chrome border, title then gets the (Not Responding) tag added to it, windows then becomes white and finally it starts processing messagepump messages and draws again. This process takes up to a minute or so). Nothing gets pasted.
7) CTRL+V (again) - the text now pastes as expected.

Ana Retamal
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
August 9, 2017

Hi Arvind, thanks for the information! I've added it to the bug report, hopefully it'll help our developers. For the future, note that you can add your own comments (or even submit) bugs and feature requests. You can also watch the ticket to be notified of further updates.

Have a good day :)


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