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New 2.0 tab interface unusable

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Agree with all here... Have been using sourcetree faithfully for years now, so tx for providing it! But...
Starting 2.0 i was happy to see the resizing issues have been fixed tx! at last have been bugging me since the start.
Then i spend 20 min looking for my bookmarks, hitting CTRL + T like there's no tomorrow... Googled a bit... pressed CTRL + T a few more time... Then i found the new '+', great you can search, was unable to dock it side-by-side or anything.
In my old book marks i had sub folders etc (woking as a devops i have 200+ repos locally and need to swap often) the sub folders are gone afaik.
Last i simply dont understand the layout, why is the font size/line height all of a sudden so big? smells like they got a ui component for a touch screen?! also what is up with all the white space, specially to the right?? did somebody forget to anchor the listbox to the edge?
So now i have to go make a internal confluence page explaning everybody how to work with sourcetree 2.0, also bundling 2.0 with a security warning was a bit unfair when the ui is changed so mutch.
Would have prefered a securety-fix for the old version, then slowly migrate to 2.0
But what can you do, you cant complain about free stuff?
I just start to get the feeling we're all QA'ing sourcetree, and i dread that in the near future we'll see a "SourceTree Pro", "SourceTree Enterprise" or "SourceTree 2017", where you get the "nice" features.
Oh also the "Clone in sourcetree" links stopped working after reinstall to 2.0
Pleeease bring the bookmarks pane back

My question here is, does anyone test this software before going out. Each update brings in a new bug and no new features. Really frustrated.


The old was much better.  Thanks.

"What were they thinking?"

Almost my thoughts: "What the heck are you thinking?"

Surely the middle ground between interface bloat (to some) and interface cripple (to many) is some sort of option to put it back the way it was, and maybe default it to the way it was?

Here is some inspiration from 2003:

Deleted user May 22, 2017

Aside from the poor use of tabs. I'm just bored to tears with Sourcetree and it's constant breaking.  

After a couple of weeks of 2.0, all of a sudden I have a yet another cygwin error for no apparent reason.  Nothing is repairing it and so I have departed ways and trialing GitKracken

Alassian is now a mult-billion dollar company and the quality of Sourceetree as a windows executable is appalling.  There is a reason it's free - which is to ladder up users into the Bitbucket and wider Atlassian ecosystem - so I've no interest in excuses. They got the resources - fix it.

Yeah, this new UI is terrible.  I was a huge Sourcetree proponent at my previous companies, but now I'm going to start looking at alternatives.

Just wanted to add a screenshot of what people are talking about when they say all projects beginning with the same prefix look identical :-D


I dunno... maybe don't open 20 projects at once? Can you really productively work on all of those at the same time?

Very constructive insight Lawrence, not sure why none of us thought about that. Thanks for the helpful advice.

Oooo. Biting sarcasm. Speaking of being constructive.

My question was genuine. What's the use-case for working on 20 projects at a time? In other words, what's the actual need to have so many tabs open? If you are going to demand a change, or reversion, in the UI, surely you have a justification better than "but that's what I've always done", no?

LOL, glad you appreciated that :-)

Well, I do have quite a few projects open at the same time. also I do not want to constantly close projects and re-open them, even when not working on them at the same time.

And the tool should scale to how we work, not us adapting how it wants us to work


At the moment I can fit up to 10 repositories tops in the new tabbed UI in Like so many others before it is hard to see which tab you are actually on. (waiting to see the improvements in v2.1)

+1. We're also being forced to move to a different GIT client.

We upgraded a few weeks ago, tried living without the sidebar but finding it a big step backwards in productivity. Particularly as our 100+ repos all share a common prefix... 

Please consider bringing back the sidebar or consider alternatives for working with large, organized sets of repositories.source-tree-tabs.png



You do not need to have 100+ repos open simultaneously. You can only ever actively work on one, and perhaps merge between a few more.


If you simply close the tab the repo won't be deleted or anything.

Close the ones you don't need and click the "+" at the end to get a vertical, alphabetically sorted list of all available repos.

Yet Leo's group clearly does need to work with 100+ repos, your opinion notwithstanding.

The point of this whole thread (which I started) is simple: The old UI worked and worked well - there was absolutely zero reason to replace it, and even less reason not to retain the old UI as an option.

Some people are fine with the new UI, but many find the new UI unworkable or unusable with their long-standing procedures and workflows, which in turn impacts their productivity and their ability to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Personally I quite like the new UI, after a few weeks getting used to it. Although I have 30 or 40 repos, I am only working on a handful at a time, so the use of tabs is perfectly workable. I am not sure why some people seem to need to have tens of projects open at once -- that would be completely focus-destroying for me.

With that said, I do have three distinct sets of repos, personal, business and open-source projects, and I miss the list being grouped by it's folders as well as having multiple folder levels.

This is just my 2 cents.

Please take SourceTree for Mac as the starting point. That version of the application is very stable and fast. And absolutely usable!

Why was the decision made to make a totally different UI than the one used for Mac version?

I agree completely. I use a Mac at work and a PC at home. It's very annoying to have to learn a completely new interface for Sourcetree on Windows. When you spend a lot of time working with a tool you become very productive with it. Then to have the UI completely change on a different OS just makes it painful to use when you go back and forth. I find myself wanting to find a different tool that works the same on both OS's.

The new tabs are nearly unusable when you have a lot of them.  Please change them back.

Yes, I work with 22 repositories and the old view was far far far far better. The new interface is really not pleasant to work with at all. At least give users the option to have the sidebar back, please. I will have to look at alternatives otherwise.

I am genuinely curious about this. I work with 39 repos, but I only have a handlful open that I am actively working on at any given time. Why do you have 22 repos open at once? Surely you can't be working on 22 projects simultaneously, or even back and forth throughout the day?

I can easly check the status of any of my repos by keeping one tab open with the new tab repo display. I haven't found myself missing the sidebar at all (and I thought I would); in fact, the sidebar was often misleading from a UX point of view since it would show a project highlighted that was not the project that was active in the main view.

I do have to agree that having the option for showing a sidebar would be nice to have. However, it's far from urgent, nor is it a deal-breaker.

(Just trying to understand.) :-)

Not every day you're right, but there are days and during that week where I do have to work on all projects at once (which happens!) it is a very important feature to have.


you don't have to be working on multiple projects - if you're a manager or project leader you may just need to monitor them to see who is changing what.

Or you may actually be actively working on multiple projects (as I am).

Finally, (in 1.10) submodules show up as projects so a handful of projects each with 2-3 submodules will quickly "fill up" the 2.0 UI...

I am fine with the new UI, but mostly because it is a lot more responsive and sourcetree in general has received a performance boost - at least till , after that it started slowing down again so I'm reluctant to update (as usual, with sourcetree).

As for the UI, there is a vertical "sidebar" available if you click the "+" icon to add a repo, it does not actually create or checkout a new repo but simply takes one from an existing (vertical) list of repos. I think this is a feature that many people do not see.

What I do is put the ones I actually work with in the tab-bar and kick them out when I don't need them anymore.

It keeps the UI clean and lets me focus on what I'm really working on and I don't think this should be a dealbreaker for anyone.

+1 to have the old non-tabbed interface back. 


When the name of a project is a little longer than one word, the tabs are no longer distinguishable anymore, they only show the beginning of the project name. On my screen in SourceTree all tabs have the same caption for that reason. It is really hard to work like this.

For us it is the same.

The tabs are unusable. Scrolling is a joke, the meta-data of all the pulls and pushes is gone, and the entire setup is slower to navigate.

Please, please give us an option to go back to the old layout.


Furthermore the constant repository-updates are horrendous. It updates everything that I do not need and constantly collapses all the repository items.


This is the most freaking frustrating issue I'm also facing... what the hell?

I also have to express my disapointment for the new UI. Besides the left column issue I'm facing a more freaking frustrating issue. For some stupid reason my source tree is refreshing over and over my remote repositories. When I expand the remote origin it starts to perform several refreshes. Basically I can't browse the remote branches. Do you guys have QA people there or are you doing like facebook does when they release new features directly to users without testing them? 

Found this page while searching for a way to downgrade to version 1.9. And I agree with everything said here.

Just wanted to say that I'm absolutely frustrated with SourceTree 2.0. There are problems with tabs, maximize/minimize button (i.e. window resizing). Remote details (host/username) in Repository settings are periodically lost, so I can't even make a pull request. List of branches closes when I'm scrolling through it to find a specific one. Checkouting a branch from Stash/BitBucket sometimes cleares my repositories list, so I have to find them over and over again.

Now I'm done with it. Gonna get back 1.9 and forget about everyhting written here

This Tabs and Window Tile thing is really uggly and makes the application nearly unusable. I had to downgrade all my machines. Sadly Atlassian only has poor excuses on that topic and no real solution yet. Please do something, i think ALL customers really HATE it!

Adding another voice to the sea of feedback.  The new UI is unusable, we need a view of the state of all repositories while viewing the details of a single repository.

I won't be updating past 1.9 until this usability issue is fixed.

I can only agree with all the above. I currently have about 20 tabs (my company has lots of little projects), and having them across the top is unuseable.

+1. Work with 40+ projects at a time. Tabbed interface is tremendously affecting my productivity.

Imagine me looking at a sky asking to bring the old TreeView interface back. Can anyone hear me from Atlasssian team? "Bring it back! Pretty please"

I gotta vent here and agree with everyone. I hate it when software applications kill the cardinal rules of: KISS and If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Now my project is much more difficult to navigate, and even when I think I'm making a change it seems like there's some error or something.

I may just go back to the old ways of plain old command line + the Eclipse add-on tool.

I downgraded to, got my left-bar back and fixed a whole bunch of other issues too, I'd recommend :)

Sadly not an option for me on MAC.


Thankfully I can keep the browser on the left and its just acts like the old side panel.

I stopped using SourceTree entirely. Using Visual Studio 2017 along with GitFlow PlugIn for Visual Studio 2017 is much better. A clear crisp easy to use UI.

I'm using the VS Code GIT which is nice, though it cannot handle submodules so Sourcetree is still in use with me :(

Atlassian, is there any update in restoring the repo list? This is very disappointing. This is a known issue for 8 months now with no solution? You really need to bring back the repo list.


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