mandatory fields in self service

Tim Patrick Apr 21, 2017

the customer portal currently doesn’t show that a field is mandatory until they try and submit their incident/request. Can this be changed as it is not a good customer experience?

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RVal Apr 21, 2017

I assume you are talking about Service Desk Customer Portal. Optional fields are marked as (optional). All other fields are required. You can add help line to each field in Customer Portal where you can emphasize that field is required with exlamation icon (!) + text or other formatting of your choice by using wiki markup. 

Tim Patrick Apr 21, 2017

Yep, this is for the service desk portal.

From what you are saying, Jira makes all fields mandatory as standard but doesnt put a marker against them to state they are mandatory. Is this correct?

Does that mean i need to type *Summary to show it is mandatory? Shouldnt there be a red astrix to show its mandatory? Why would my clients assume all fields are mandatory if they are not marked as so?

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