Welcome to the Palm Beach AUG Online Group!

Celina Zamora Community Manager Aug 06, 2018

Welcome to the Atlassian Community Space for the Palm Beach Atlassian User Group!  We are super excited to have this space to continue sharing our knowledge and experiences outside of our local events!  Please use this thread to introduce yourselves.  Tell us about the Atlassian products you are using and a bit about yourself!

While you're here, take a bit of time to look about the Community site as well, there is a wealth of knowledge about all of the Atlassian products, industry best practices and a whole lot of fun.  

Places to start:
Check out the miscellaneous-monday, friday-fun, or off-topic collection, for some fun discussions

Featured Groups for  Inclusion and Diversity and Jobs and Careers

For new folks you will want to check out the Frequently Asked Questions  and Community Guidlines.


Hi Palm Beach Florida Atlassian User Group Members. I am @Fabian A. Lopez -ACL -Mentor-, the AUG leader and founder of this AUG. My Co-leaders are @Christopher Heritage and Carl Allen. Since the beginning we were amazed with the group members engagement and participation. We had good meetings, training workshops, social events and diverse topics. Reach the team and let us know what type of presentations could be of your interest. We want to be sure you receive from the group what is of value for you.

Our team members are involved on the Service Project to assist a non profit organization that works with Disable Veterans. The organization name is Warfighter Made and we are building their collaboration hub, project tracking and service desk. To learn more about it, please read our articles.

Some our members are also involved with Open Source EHR and the collaboration hub is fully developed with Confluence and is open to the public. Check it out and contact me if you have any questions about it.

Have fun, don't miss the upcoming events and invite your co-workers!


Fabian Lopez

Celina Zamora Community Manager Aug 14, 2018

Happy to see you all on here! @Christopher Heritage :) 

Welcome @Jen@Thomas Laussermair, @Deanna Benz, @Johnny Sucre, @Sneha Crews and @Sivan Fraser! Feel free to introduce yourself below!


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