Opsgenie NOTE not being passed to JSM (error) Reason 401

Randy Everett August 24, 2022

Can someone help?  The error is 7 pages and I've not been able to get it to stick and stay in this post. Here is a short start of the error. I can send the rest of the error message via email if that's allowed. Sorry, I'm a new opsgenie/jira user. 

Could not send [addComment] action to JiraServiceDesk [Jira Service Management]. Reason: 401 : "<EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><html><EOL><EOL><head><EOL> <title>Unauthorized (401)</title><EOL> <EOL><EOL><EOL><EOL><!--[if IE]><![endif]--><EOL><script type="text/javascript"><EOL> (function() {<EOL> var contextPath = '';<EOL><EOL> function printDeprecatedMsg() {<EOL> if (console && console.warn) {<EOL> console.warn('DEPRECATED JS - contextPath global variable has been deprecated since 7.4.0. Use `wrm/context-path` module instead.');<EOL> }<EOL> }<EOL><EOL> Object.defineProperty(window, 'contextPath', {<EOL> get: function() {<EOL> printDeprecatedMsg();<EOL> return contextPath;<EOL> },<EOL> set: function(value) {<EOL> printDeprecatedMsg();<EOL> contextPath = value;<EOL> }<EOL> });<EOL> })();<EOL><EOL></script><EOL><script><EOL>window.WRM=window.WRM||{};window.WRM._unparsedData=window.WRM._unparsedData||{};window.WRM._unparsedErrors=window.WRM._unparsedErrors||{};<EOL>WRM._unparsedData["com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-plugins-webresource-plugin:context-path.context-path"]="\"\"";<EOL>WRM._unparsedData["jira.core:feature-flags-data.feature-flag-data"]="{\"enabled-feature-

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Nick H
Atlassian Team
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August 24, 2022

Hi @Randy Everett ,

That error looks like it might be related to your Jira instance - whether it is on-prem, DC, or not accessible to the internet.

If that's the case, we typically suggestion using the Legacy Jira integration, and configuring OEC.

With this, you would install the OEC service on a server, and it will sit in the middle of Opsgenie and Jira. Opsgenie alerts/actions would send to OEC, which will then execute a script to create the issue in Jira, add a comment, etc.

Randy Everett August 26, 2022

Thanks. We are looking in to this to see if it will resolve the issue. 

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