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Alert notification becomes silent after few seconds

Thomas Langé May 26, 2021



I have a weird behavior from Opsgenie Android application on my smartphone since few month now, where notification sound suddenly stop after few seconds.


My setup is as follow:

* I have a custom ringtone set in opsgenie app

* I enabled "play notification max volume", "persistent notification"

* Rules: Uppon alert, I have the notification sound directly, then SMS 2 min after, then call.

* I live with phone in vibrate and rely on "play sound at max volume" to wake me up during the night or catch my attention in the day


What I expect (and that was indeed what was working last year):

* I keep my phone in "vibrate" mode

* When an alert is received, opsgenie removes vibrate mode and plays continuously notification sound at max volume

* If I don't pick up, I can here the SMS sound 2 min after at max volume too (because notification is still playing)

=> Notification sound stops when I ack or pick the phone then phone goes back in vibrate mode.


What happens now (I noticed this during an alert 2 month ago I think, and I can reproduce at will by creating alerts on my own):

* Phone is in "vibrate" mode, as always

* When alert is received, opsgenie removes vibrate mode and plays notification at max volume, but only for 20s approximately.

* After that, opsgenie puts the telephone in "silent" mode (so, not even vibrate)

* Nothing happens after that (no notif sound, and because of silent mode, sms and call remain silent) -> because opsgenie put the phone in silent.


I tried several things as I can reproduce:

* during all tests I kept the phone still on a stable face down to avoid Android messing with the possibility I was on my phone

* with and without "Do not disturb" Android mode -> same

* keep the phone with volume set to a normal level for ringtone/notification ("normal" mode) -> same (phone goes into silent even in that config)

* tried several custom notification sounds (5s ones, 5min ones, ....) -> same

* tried to remove persistent  notif in opsgenie app -> same

* tried to remove "play at max volume" in opsgenie app -> the issue does not reproduce (sound plays indefinitely in that case)


So my mitigation for now is to live with phone in "normal" mode but it's very annoying because I need to think to switch it back in that mode before going to bed or going in a noisy env.

I think there is a regression somewhere because it used to work and today's behavior is clearly not expected. Note that this setup works for some of my colleagues so I don't know exactly where is the problem.

Tested phones (both failing now):

* A5 2017 (it used to work on that phone, then it started to not work 2 month ago I'd say)

* A52 (got it recently and never worked as intended - exact same behavior as A5)


Thanks for your help!



I've tried few other things without luck:

* putting back default notification sound in opsgenie app -> same

* removing default battery optim in Android system settings -> same

* removing adaptive notification from Android settings -> same

I'm taking a dump of logs from system when this happens but I have no clear clue in this :(

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Darryl Lee
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
November 24, 2022

Hi everyone,

This is Darryl, Opsgenie Support. đź‘‹

Thank you for reporting this issue we are able to reproduce it on our end.

Bug Ticket

With that, there is a Bug ticket has been created to record this issue.

Please set yourself as a Watcher to receive the latest updates on OPSGENIE-1105.

Hope it will be resolved soon and we are sorry for the inconvenience this brought.

Thank you very much again for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
Darryl Lee
Support Engineer, Atlassian

Thomas Langé April 11, 2023

Just for people reaching this post, apparently the fix will be Opsgenie Android 3.6.0 according to the Jira ticket

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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October 1, 2021

Similar issue on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite (SM-N770F) (Android 10). Except that for me the phone setting returns to vibrate mode (not silent) after the approximately 20 seconds.

Thomas Langé January 19, 2022

After an upgrade, I now have a toast notification saying the volume is set back on by Opsgenie app for 15 seconds (explaining why you feel it's 20seconds, and same for me).

Looked the exact notification message and found this:

So apparently it's expected the volume does not stay up until alert is acknowledged, but it should last 60 seconds (at least, according to the doc), not 15.


So there is, imo, either a bug (15s instead of 60), or a weird design (shouldn't the sound stay on until the user acks the alert, as it's infered with "persistent notification" ?).

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Thomas Langé May 27, 2021

(please remove, I wanted to edit my op)

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Fernando Amado April 26, 2023

We are currently facing a similar issue.

Use case: Android device is on silent mode (tested with multiple devices) and an alert is triggered.

If we create an alert through the Opsgenie app, the volume settings are overwritten, as  expected. But if we call our on duty phone number, without creating an alert, we do receive the call, but the volume settings are being kept in silent mode.

Our tests were done with versions 3.5.7 and with 3.6.0.

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