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Useful Opsgenie debug log queries

When using the Opsgenie debug logs, you can narrow down your results to specific events by searching for particular phrases and keywords. Below are some examples. You will need to copy the entire line, including quotes, and replace any bolded values with your own data. 

Find all users whose user record was updated:

"UserContact" AND "updated."

Find a specific user that was updated:

"UserContact" AND "[USERNAME]" AND "updated."

Find all alerts generated from incidents:

“Alert created via incident” 

Find all incidents: 

"Incident with alias" AND "is created"

Find all routing rules updated:

"RoutingRule" AND "updated."

Find all failed outgoing actions:

"[system] Could not send" AND "action to * "

Find failed outgoing actions for a specific integration:

"[system] Could not send" AND "action to INTEGRATION-NAME

Find deduplicated alerts:

“Alert is received with same alias.”

Find Incoming payloads that did not create/ack/close an alert because they did not match any of the integrations filters:

“Incoming data does not match any actions.”

Find all updated integration actions:

"IntegrationAction" AND "updated"

Find actions that were not executed due to disabled integrations:

“but there are disabled integration(s)!”

Find a specific user whose role was updated:

"Role of user with username" AND "[USERNAME]" AND "is updated to"

Find any user whose role was updated:

"Role of user with username" AND "is updated to"

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