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Integrating Opsgenie with Slack: A Comprehensive Guide

Opsgenie offers a powerful suite of integrations to ensure that your team is always in sync, especially during critical incidents. One of the most popular integrations is with Slack, a leading team collaboration platform. However, the nuances of this integration can sometimes be confusing. In this article, we'll demystify the Opsgenie-Slack integration and provide clarity on its various features.

Understanding the Two Integrations

Opsgenie offers two distinct integrations for Slack:

  1. Slack for Alerts: This integration focuses on sending alert notifications directly to Slack.
  2. Slack for Incidents: This integration is designed to manage incidents, allowing for the creation of individual Slack channels for each incident.

It's essential to note that these are two separate integrations, and users often mix them up. If you wish to leverage both, you'll need to install both integrations in Opsgenie and both apps in Slack.

Creating Alerts and Managing Incidents from Slack

With the Slack for Alerts integration, you can create alerts directly from Slack using slash commands. This seamless integration ensures that you can quickly raise an alert without leaving the Slack environment.

On the other hand, while Opsgenie incidents can spawn individual Slack channels, this process is manual. It doesn't happen automatically. However, there's an ongoing feature request to add this automatic functionality, which you can follow and contribute to.

Filtering and Assigning Alerts

One of the powerful features of the Slack for Alerts integration is the ability to filter which alerts are sent to your Slack channel. By assigning a specific team to the integration, only alerts pertinent to that team will be relayed to Slack. This specificity can sometimes lead to confusion when users don't receive expected alerts in Slack, so it's crucial to ensure the correct team assignment.

User Matching and Account Association

Opsgenie provides a feature called "Require Matching a User," which mandates that Slack accounts match Opsgenie accounts based on email addresses. This ensures that there's a one-to-one mapping between Slack and Opsgenie users.

To associate Slack accounts with Opsgenie accounts, use the /genie connect command in Slack. For those using the Opsgenie EU instance, the /eugenie connect command should be used.

Enhancing Slack Interactions with Buttons

Within Slack, Opsgenie provides buttons that allow users to acknowledge, close, and perform various actions on alerts directly. This interactive feature can be enabled within the Slack integration settings in Opsgenie, offering a more dynamic response capability.

Incident Management in Slack

When you create a new incident in Opsgenie, you'll need to set up a new Slack channel for it. Currently, there's no feature to aggregate all incidents into a single Slack channel. However, there's a feature request for this functionality that users can track.

Additionally, when an incident channel is created in Slack, all designated incident responders are automatically added. But, if new responders are added to the Opsgenie incident after the Slack channel's creation, they won't be automatically added to the Slack channel. This limitation is being addressed, and there's a feature request for it.

Further Reading

For a deeper dive into these integrations, refer to the official documentation:


The Opsgenie-Slack integrations are powerful tools for teams, ensuring swift communication and response during incidents. By understanding the nuances and features of these two distinct integrations, teams can optimize their incident management processes and ensure seamless collaboration.


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