Friday fun: Funniest/weirdest Atlassian experience

Micky Caritte Community Champion Thursday

Hey all,

Hope you're doing well today. It's Friday and let's have fun.

I'm Micky, an Atlassian Consultant (I know it doesn't mean that much), I do everything which can help my customer loving Atlassian apps as much as I do :)

My thread for this week is pretty simple: would you give a few lines on your funniest/weirdest experience with Atlassian products? We'll have fun but if we can also catch some inspiration...

Here's mine: I used to work for a platinum partner and we had a customer whose goal was to customize Jira, I've spent the whole week with them and they were very serious with the branding so spent a couple of hours on customizing the CSS set of colors for Jira (grey/blue scales). Their Vice President finally jumped in for approval and we've ended with a very nice light pink header with white font, I've asked if it was related to any new branding she just replied "will fit quite well with my favourite purse". Still wondering if she made fun of me, their Jira is still pink.

Any better story?

Disclaimer: we're not making fun of anyone, there's no dumb request, there's just funny implementation or contexts :)

Have a great Friday community!


Not strictly Atlassian, but I left the BBC to join Adaptavist.  My boss knew I knew Altassian stuff, but had not really done much "real" consultancy, so he took me to shadow his next gig.  My first engagement as a Jira consultant was for, um, the BBC.

To be fair, most people don't know the BBC is effectively two separate organisations, and I'd worked with one and the consultancy was with the other.  But still, it was the building next door to the one I'd worked in, the barista in the coffee shop asked me if I wanted the usual on the way in, I got asked why I was wearing a suit about 27 times and must have talked to 25% of everyone we walked past!

The consultancy was to recommend how to get this business unit aligned with the Jira I'd been looking after for the previous 4 years.

Micky Caritte Community Champion Friday

Good one, I'm in Montreal and it's a very common thing to get back somewhere you know 50% of the staff here, especially around Atlassian. Hope they were proud of their consultant :)

Ah I have one episode. I think this is a rites of passage of those working with JIRA.

When I was a noob JIRA user, one evening, I wanted to cleanup our backlog as it was a big mess.

I just learnt bulk change, yay! Y'all get closeeeed then went home happily.

Next morning, we had standup which started off with how many emails everyone received from JIRA notification from bulk change without unchecking the notification checkbox. I believe it was between 30-50.

Luckily devs found it funny but for me.....

Micky Caritte Community Champion Friday • edited

That one. I do feel you. We've all done that. At least it did not have such an impact on your career :)

Similar story in one of the largest Canadian bank, a $600M+ project where an admin had the great idea to bulk transition bugs to use a new workflow. The most critical report at this time was Bug Aging based on transitions, screwed it all, the requester was a VP... That was kind of tricky to deal with :)

Always be safe with bulk operations ;-) thx for sharing

oh my.... I can't even. Happy to share, hope it helps for others to not make same mistake :P


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