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Project Name Changes - Forum User feedback requested

Mark Thompson March 8, 2021

I just received this from Atlassian:

Classic projects will be named company-managed projects and next-gen projects will be named team-managed projects. We heard your feedback that the classic and next-gen names were confusing, so we've chosen new ones that are more clear and descriptive. We will continue to invest and innovate both team-managed and company-managed projects.

My question for the forum users:

How many of you were confused and requested this change? 

I have documentation that refers to these terms.  I now have to go in and change my documentation for terms that are confusing to me right out of the gate.  Next-gen projects are horrible.  Calling them team-managed projects looks more attractive to an inexperienced user.  They are likely to select this option and negatively impact my classic environment.  Might be what Atlassian wants to happen but I guarantee these name changes aren't going to help my user base.


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Dirk Ronsmans
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 8, 2021

hi @Mark Thompson ,

While I didn't request this specifically I don't mind the change. While I agree that Next Gen/Team managed projects are horrible I feel like the new name covers the subject more.

Call it Next Gen implies that this is the way to go forward as in a Next step.. renaming them imho makes it a lot more clear that this is not the way forward but more a side step in case you want the project to be managed by your team instead of by the company directly.

How exactly would these impact your Classic environment? I'd love to hear more about that.

If you don't want people to create NG projects you can always remove the permissions.

While I think there is a consensus that Next Gen is/was not the way to go forward, the new name will now atleast not make it sound like you should be going next gen but instead it's just "another type of project"

Mark Thompson March 8, 2021

Tickets transferred from classic to next gen can lose data because classic has items that are not available in next gen.

General users are not aware that this can happens since classic projects do not have this issue.  I believe Epic link information is an example.

I'm in another camp.  Company managed implies the creator has less control.  Team managed would be their default choice.  I'll have to look at disabling it.  I have internal documentation that will need to be updated as well.  

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