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sundar ganesan September 5, 2022

In Filter, there is  Progress & (Σ Progress) fields are there. What is the differeence between these two. how the values are populated to this field? which paramter need to enter to get this value in both Progress & Σ Progress.

please clarify.

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
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September 5, 2022

The sigma symbol is used in the field of mathematics (and hence arithmetic as it's a small sub-set of mathematics) to say "sum of the following things".

In Jira, we've got a few numbers that we put on issues, like original estimate and time logged.  These are sometimes used to give us the "progress" field.

The sigma kicks in when you're using sub-tasks.  "Progress" is showing you the progress on the issue you are looking at.  Σprogress is showing you the progress on the issue you are looking at and all of its sub-tasks.

For example, imagine a simple case:

  • Task ABC-123 - progress = 42
  • Sub-tasks ABC-124 and ABC-125 have a progress of 5 each.
  • ABC-123 will show Σprogress = 52
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