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Could Jira provide an extra account to display Wallboards in the office?

Mark Stickling September 6, 2019

We had an idea about Wallboards:

It would be convenient if Jira could provide some kind of 'Wallboard display only' account along with our Jira Cloud subscriptions.

Currently we feel dissuaded from setting a Wallboard up on a TV in the office due to  (admittedly minor) security precautions and Jira's pricing:

  1. We'd prefer not to log in with someone's working account on a computer anyone in the office could access.
  2. For a company of our size we'd also rather not spend $84 a year ($7/month at our user numbers) on an extra account so we can display a wallboard whilst avoiding problem 1.
  3. We can't make the wallboards completely public as some other community threads are proposing.

Wallboards seem like quite a nice thing to use for an agency like us but we can't figure a way to use them without compromising.


Perhaps something like the functionality we'd like can be provided by a plugin, but something simple and native to the Jira platform would be better.


I wonder if anyone else agrees?



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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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September 9, 2019

I'm afraid the wallboard needs to log in as an account which has access to read the projects if you don't want to use "anonymous"

Mark Stickling September 9, 2019

Thanks for replying.

Agreed, we would need to set up an account and give observer permissions for the projects we'd want to display on the wallboards.

I just wanted to express a point of friction we were experiencing with setting up Wallboards to see if others have similar experiences and or better ideas/solutions.


I suppose my thoughts here may only occur for companies with a smaller number of users.

With current pricing:

  • Companies pay a flat rate until 10 users so if a company has less than 10 users using one of the 10 accounts for a "Wallboard account" doesn't affect cost.
  • If a company is large, say hundreds of users, adding one more account for a Wallboard is perhaps a drop in the bucket.

Our company size is just above the 10 users flat rate. We haven't managed to justify the additional cost for a "Wallboard account" but we like the idea of displaying a Wallboard in the office.

Paul Sorauer November 15, 2022

I wholeheartedly agree.

For us it's not even necessarily the cost of a user, though that does too cause some friction...

The main issue is one of security. In order to show the wallboard I must, by necessity, log in as a user that has access to all items in the sprint. We can't allow any access to systems on a 'publicly' accessible machine as we handle sensitive government data and requirements. Even setting a 'read-only' permissions set doesn't solve the problem as we can only really show aggregated or summary versions of the data, not the detailed information within issues.

I would have thought this requirement was a no brainer, but I'll refrain from saying anything disparaging despite the numerous requests to allow something similar.



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