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Automation Rules for Service Management Projects

Stanislav Kotakov August 25, 2023

Hello everyone ,

I'm trying to figure it out which automation are better .

First case : To create global rules and to apply them to multiple projects .


Second case : To copy multiple automation rules to a single project .

I know that it is kinda situational , but anyways i would love to hear your opinions .

: )


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Marco August 25, 2023

I'd say it depends on the number of affected projects and if there MAY be a reason why the automation needs to be changed for just one of the project. Single Project rules though do not count towards the usage limit (if there are many rule executions)

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Stanislav Kotakov August 25, 2023

Good point . Let's take for example the Premium plan which is limited each month to a pooled sum that’s equivalent to 1,000 multi-project or global project rule executions for every user + up to 35,000 users. How are you going to proceed in such case?

Marco August 25, 2023

in this case i'd try to calculate the expected rule executions and depending on this i'd choose if i create a global rule


but on the other hand the more projects you have that would benefit from the automation the less pro arguments can be made for create the same rule for each project.


But I also have to say that our Jira Instance is not nearly that big that i'd ever get in this situation :D 

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