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KB article or external as only option in customer portal

Mary Mascari February 22, 2022

We have a few issue types that we only want to direct people somewhere else. For example, we have a separate portal for corporate cell phones. If someone wants to open a ticket requesting a new phone or whatever, I don't want them to open a ticket with us. I want them to get a link to the other portal with instructions on how to use it or whatever,

I can link a knowledge base article, but the user can still ignore the KB article and open a ticket with us.

What's the best way to redirect requests like these? 

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Eric Barnes February 23, 2022

We initially went down the route of having more than one service desk in our environment. The problem you run into is managing user decision-making as they just want their problem solved and pay no attention to what service desk they are in or what ticket they should open.

Jira does support more one service desk per tenant, but you may lose the ability to route an issue type to a team based on the request type if a user starts out in the wrong service desk project. You can’t effectively route between projects automatically.

You may be better off setting up one service desk project and multiple groups for your teams and organizing your service requests based on how customers perceive entering issues then use components  to identify the group and route you issues that way so they automatically assign to the right people.


Without understanding your setup more, this is a shot in the dark to answer your inquiry.

Mary Mascari February 24, 2022

We only have one service desk in our environment. 

The external link that I referred to would go to a third party that handles our cell phone fulfillment, for example. 

Or sometimes the resolution to a request type is simply to point them to the information ("Here's where to find the guest wi-fi info", "we can't do this for you, here's how you do it yourself", etc.)

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Ardo Panian February 22, 2022

Curious how you were able to have two customer portals?

colin mcdermott February 22, 2022

I suspect were talking a Link outside of the Jira Portal... I.e. a SNOW portal or whatever other system. 

Mary Mascari February 24, 2022

Yeah, it's a third party vendor's portal. Outside of Jira.

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