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UCK78 July 15, 2019

My company manage several blogs. Most of them use (selfhosted) Wordpress as CMS. 

We are looking at Confluence as Enterprise Content Management system, a place where all our content can be created, updated etc. in a collaborative way.

We are interested to know if there is a convenient  way to pull/push or anyway, sync the content between Wordpress and Confluence in a robust and maintenable way. 

In other worlds, we are looking for a way to improve an existing workflow to manage the content creation for several websites, mostly of them are using wp.

I'm in the right place to ask? If so, where should i look to more forward? 

Thank you in advance



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Fabian A. Lopez (Community Leader - Argentina, Florida, California)
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 22, 2019

Hi, yes this is the right place to ask and I hope some members of the community will share their experience as well.

Confluence is a great tool to increase collaboration and foster communication. It has a lot of out of the box functionalities and a huge marketplace to fill specific gaps.

As example you could check Comala Workflow (from @RobertoC in the case you need to add workflow, expiration date, etc to your content.

Also K15t products could help with versioning, visualization, etc.  @[deleted] 


I added them to this response so they can share some use cases or examples. I would recommend to test Confluence out of the box first and then research on the marketplace if the included functionalities are not enough for your needs.

Welcome to the community!

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UCK78 July 22, 2019

Thank you Fabian for the follow up

Deleted user July 23, 2019

Hi, as @Fabian A. Lopez (Community Leader - Argentina, Florida, California)  said: Confluence is a great tool for collaborating around content: Inline comments, page history, etc. 

The K15t apps offer some more functionality of managing content:

* Scroll Versions: You can versionize multiple pages (spaces) at the same time incl. branching, merging, releasing...

* Scroll Viewport: You can run your webpage completely in Confluence. Viewport offers a customized view on your content with all flexibility of styling it your way. Our own webpage is maintained in Confluence and styled with our own viewport theme.

Scroll Wordpress Publisher (free) - Allow for Confluence Cloud customers to publish content directly to Wordpress

Finally, we also have a number of apps for exporting the content to an offline format or to static HTML

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