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Aswathi D May 9, 2024

Hi ,

I want to make to log work mandatory when the issue is moving to done status 

How can I do that ?

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Dimitris Sylligardakis May 9, 2024

Hi Aswathi,

Not sure if you've followed these steps, but try doing the following (I'm fairly certain it requires you have Jira administrator permissions)

  1. Identify the Workflow:
    • Go to your Jira project's settings > 'Workflows'.
    • Find the workflow associated with the issue type where you want to enforce work logging. Click "Edit" (in text mode or diagram mode).
  2. Locate the "Done" Transition:
    • Find the transition that leads to the "Done" status.
  3. Add a Validator:
    • Click on "Validators" for the "Done" transition.
    • Add a new validator of the type "Field Required Validator".
    • Select the "Time Spent" field (this contains work log information).
  4. Save and Publish:
    • Save your changes to the validator.
    • Publish the updated workflow.

Hope that helps you

Aswathi D May 10, 2024


Tried this .

Even after logging the work's showing error 

Why ?

Dimitris Sylligardakis May 10, 2024

Hi Aswathi,

Apologies if you've done all this before. Just breaking it down as much as possible. 

Possible reasons it's still a problem:

  1. When you transition an issue to "Done", Jira might use a dedicated screen. Make sure this screen has the "Time Spent" field included and marked as mandatory.
  2. Even with the validator, users need the "Work on Issues" permission at a project level to be able to log work. Check project permissions.
  3. If your workflow uses post functions after the "Done" transition, these could potentially clear the "Time Spent" field.
  4. Conditions on the transition could prevent the validator from working correctly in certain circumstances.

Here are some steps to troubleshoot

  1. Editing the workflow in diagram mode can give you a clearer picture of the transitions and elements involved. Switch between modes if you haven't already.
  2. Create a test issue and try to move it to "Done". If the validator doesn't work, examine what's preventing it.

If that doesn’t work, other potential causes and troubleshooting

  1. Conflicting Add-ons?
    • Look at your installed add-ons in Jira. Any that deal with workflows, issue editing, or custom fields might interfere with worklog validation.
    • Temporarily disable these add-ons one by one during testing to isolate conflicts.
  2. Complex Workflow Setup:
    • Multiple Paths to "Done": Review your workflow for different ways an issue can reach the "Done" status. Ensure your validator or automation covers all paths.
    • Unexpected Post Functions: Examine any post functions on transitions. They might be unintentionally clearing or manipulating the "Time Spent" field.
  3. Custom Scripting:
    • If your Jira instance uses custom scripts (e.g., through ScriptRunner or other plugins), there's the potential for those scripts to interfere with standard validation mechanisms.


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May 9, 2024

Hi @Aswathi D

You can use Clockwork to make sure that users log work on a particular status before transitioning this issue to a Done status using the Clockwork in-built validator, as below:


To set this up, you need to enable the Time is logged validation in project settings > Clockwork

Then navigate to the Workflow and click on the Done transition to add a Validator.

Add the above Validator and then publish the draft.

This validator will ensure that time is logged on the Current status before the issue can be transitioned to DONE.

Let me know if this is something you would like to explore and we can help you set this up. Please reach out here.

Aswathi D May 10, 2024


I don't prefer using any plugins 

Any other suggestions please ?


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