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Joao Resende April 18, 2024

hi folks, 

my company implemented Jira quite recently and I feel I'm spending too much time managing things.


Do you know any solution so I can track the time I spent working on Jira( creating issues, updating, etc)? 


Tks in advance 

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Amay Purohit_RVS
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April 19, 2024

Hi @Joao Resende 

I believe you should create a single task for your self and enter time spent in that, with proper comments for each time spent entry.

Or other way would be to create separate task for each work stream item and enter time spent for each of them. This will help in proper segregation and tracking while reporting to management.


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April 19, 2024

Hi @Joao Resende 
It sounds like you're looking to streamline your time management when using Jira. Fortunately, Jira offers some built-in features and there are several third-party tools you can consider to help you track how much time you spend on various tasks within the platform. Here are some options you might find useful:

  1. Jira's Built-in Time Tracking: Jira has built-in time tracking capabilities that allow you to log work on each issue. You can start by ensuring that time tracking is enabled in your Jira settings. This feature lets you log the time you spend on each task directly in the issue itself.

  2. Automation for Jira: You can use Jira’s automation features to reduce repetitive tasks. For example, you can automate status updates, notifications, and other routine operations that can consume a lot of your time manually managing.

  3. Time Tracking Apps: There are several apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace that integrate with Jira to provide enhanced time tracking capabilities. For example, Planyway for Jira provides detailed insights into how you spend your time on tasks, and many offer features like time capturing, detailed reports, and easy logging.

  4. Browser Extensions: Some browser extensions are specifically designed to help track time spent on web applications like Jira. Extensions like Toggl, Harvest, and Time Doctor can be integrated into your browser and used to track the time you spend on Jira tasks directly, without needing to switch between applications.

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