Screenshot examples of Updating Jira ticket Resolved Date field.

Brian April 30, 2024

Have about 3 tickets i need to retrofit to fit correctly in a stats widget for this year.   i need to change only the 'Resolved' date column.  'Resolved' is the date field i need to manipulate and I'm really looking for screenshots walkthrough on doing this.  The steps i keep finding are very ambiguous and very unclear where to navigate to accomplish this simple task. 


Please note these are existing tickets i need to update only the 'resolved' date field so if you tell me where to go to import and columns required, necessary requirements- i can figure out from there.   Not looking for a link that takes me to text i have to read, i just need screenshots and that should get me on right track.  

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Brian April 30, 2024

disregard i see the update options in ImpEx.  So are date fields able to be changed or is that a backend DB update?

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